Anyone else feel like a zombie on haldol?

I’m having trouble functioning I’m constantly falling asleep my vision is blurred my mom says I look like a zombie. Please help

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I take 1 mg per day and feel ok.

Where does a zombie get a hold of haldol?


Tell your pdoc you cant function or work on it. I would get a med change. I’ve never been on haldol. Some pdocs wont even prescribe it because it’s so old.

How much do you take? I take 5 mg in the morning, and sometimes at night, too, and I do okay on it. It helps me.

If you take during the day just switch it to night time, took me 2 years to realise that was an option and now im only drowsy during bed time which is great because I had trouble sleeping and now it’s definitely not an issue! :sleeping:

Hope this helps

Ask your doctor to put you on Geodon and Seroquel. They’re not nearly as harsh. They’ve controlled my symptoms for a decade and a half.

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It sounds like it’s not the med for you. I had to come off it as I was a mess. I had movement problems and I was like a zombie on it too.

There are plenty of options out there to explore, don’t give up. :black_heart:

Yes, i was a zombie on normal doses of haldol, and still somewhat on the baby dose i use. I had the same effect on other AP though, so i assumed that is just what they do. Others report better results on different meds though, zo that is worth a try. Are you already on the smallest dose possible for you?

When I was in the hospital in 1997 they were giving me pills. I thought they were trying to poison me so I was sticking my finger down my throat to throw them up.

They gave me an injection of haldol. They drugged me to the max. Haldol can cause acne. I had bad acne but when they put me on haldol my face exploded. I have a bunch of scars from when I was in the hospital.

After the injection I was sleeping 23 hours a day. I couldn’t tie my own shoes I was so out of it.

The only reason they still use the stuff is because it’s cheap and effective. It was developed in the 1950’s and one of the first antipsychotics.

I hated the stuff. As soon as I got out of the hospital I told my mom I’m stopping it. After about 30 days I started getting paranoid again. My mom found me another doctor and he prescribed Zyprexa. I’ve been on Zyprexa for 22 years.

Out of all the meds I’ve tried Zyprexa was the most tolerable. I don’t feel like a zombie on it. I’m on 10 mgs. The only bad thing I have to say is I feel like I’m in a fog in the morning when I wake up.

I’ve tried several other meds over the years and I always go back to Zyprexa. You might want to consider giving it a try. It took a long time for me to get better on Zyprexa. It was slow progress over a number of years but I no longer hear voices.

The last drug I tried was sapheris because I heard it was the latest greatest thing. I tried it for a couple weeks but it was almost as bad as haldol.


On the higher doses, absolutely. I think that’s kind of the point of Haldol, it’s good for the multi-day stay in the Quiet Room.


Haha throwback to me grabbing a pen from a nurse’s hand and then being tackled, tranquilized with a Haldol shot in a fat needle, and then locked in the Quiet Room hahaha

(It’s completely unfair that they wouldn’t let me have a pen I just wanted to write!)

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my jaw locked up, couldn’t hold a knife or fork, could hardly eat or speak.walked like an old man (really slowly) muscles completely ceased up. My pdoc called it a dystonic reaction

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I’m on 10 mg for anybody who’s asking

I did. I had to switch to the injection for half the dose and the rest by pills. The pills had way more of a sedative effect than the injection.

I was completely fine on Haldol, but I don’t take it anymore because my docs wanted me on a new gen med now I take saphris and rexulti

they had these gummy consistency pens in the psych ward last time I was there. great for writing my ramblings

I think I want to ask to go back to geodon

I need glasses. I read this as “zombie or harlot” at first.

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I feel like a zombie on 5mg of risperidone.
All I do is crash on the couch!

I’m sure that the Haldol is sedating at this dose.
Talk to your doctor about it.