How much do you weigh and how many calories do you eat

I try and eat max 1700 kcal a day. The scale is at 185.19 lbs. Were down to 176.37 lbs by eating in that fashion. But gained some pounds when I stopped counting kcal.

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I weigh approximately 61 kg and I’m approximately 160cm.

I have no idea how many calories a day I eat.
I can’t seem to count calories.

I have been a bit bad and had a veggie burger and chips for dinner yesterday.

I gained 6 kg in six months.
I was 55 kg for 11/2 years before I gained 6 kg.

I have been over 75 kg I might even have been over eighty when I was on another medication many years ago.

I wasover 74 kg on olanzapine.

I am fit but don’t look fit.i look chubby.
I don’t want to eat less but should stop eating chips etc.

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I probably eat just under 2,000 calories a day. I used to be 59 kilos but thanks to APs I am now 87 kilos.

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I weight 98kg, and I don’t count calories.
I know myself well enough to know it would quickly turn into an eating disorder, so I’d rather be overweight.


I weight 130 lbs (59 kg), but I don’t know how many calories I eat.

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81.5 kg

I don’t calorie count and cant be asked to estimate lol.

But I eat an ok amount now

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I have put some weight on recently so I am 79.2 kg. I have been a healthy weight most of my life though, so I do not need to calorie count. I think being healthy is just about being sensible, like when I go shopping I do not buy fizzy drinks and I generally dont snack.

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I weight 88 kilos. Me too I don’t count my calories, cause I eat already few… I put those 30 kilos the first time they put me on Zyprexa… Believe me or not, but I eat just twice a day and I don’t lose weight now on Zyprexa… If this bothers me in the future, i’ll try to do some sports, but I am still bad mentally…


Every month, when I go to my pdoc, he weighs me and every damn month, I am one kg fatter. What the hell? Now i am 113 kgs, fatter than ever


Im about 154 pounds (11 stone, 70kg) - and my diet is terrible, usually sugary stuff and coffee. I eat what i like- when im hungry, which isnt as often as id like it to be. But i take multi-vits and minerals every morning. Im doing ok - i think.

I look like a garden rake being 6 foot 5 tall lol.


I weigh 194 pounds but I eat about 1600 calories a day so that number has been going down. A month ago I weighed 207.


1800-1900 calories a day and around 105lbs (48kg), and I am 5’3’’


76kg, 1m73 and I have no clue how many calories I eat. Just whatever I feel like eating that day.

Uhoh. I filled in what I expect to eat today. It’s 600 calories. That’s not much. No wonder I’m hungry and losing weight recently. I filled it in a while ago and ate around 1800 calories.

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right now I have 3 diets I’ve come up with. at the moment, I’ve been eating 2100 calories a day with about 130-150 grams of protein. I also have a bulking diet when im trying to gain weight where I eat 3100 calories and 160 grams of protein. and when Im trying to get shredded and ripped I eat 1700 calories, mostly protein, with some carbs to fuel my cardio workouts.

I weigh 160 pounds, or 70 something kg. would like to be 170 pounds with a 6 pack, but at the moment im just focusing on getting stronger. I will probably allow my weight to fluctuate between 155-185 pounds for a year or two while im trying to add lean muscle. but eventually I would like to be 170 pounds. once I’ve added muscle and strength I will transition to a pescatarian diet for maintenance dieting.

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I weigh between 105 kg and 120 kg. I try to eat qualitie foods like fruit and veges. I eat far to much empty calories, no nutritional values.

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I eat an average of 1,300 calories a day. I also burn off an average of 170 calories of that a day. I feel that I’m eating almost the right amount. I’m not quite there yet. I should probably eat about 1,200 calories a day. I weigh 159.8 lbs. at the moment. I go up and down 1- 2 lbs. every day.

I eat around 1500-2000 calories a day and I am currently 197 pounds. I tried eating around 1200 -1400 calories to lose weight but couldn’t do it. I love food too much so now I am just eating whatever and drinking wine and beer. I guess I have given up you can say. I might as well just be happy fat. Food is my only pleasure.

I am about the same weight. But unfortunately off diet right now.

I currently weigh 227.5 and I eat 1300-1400 calories a day. My goal weight is 160 and I have lost 91.5 pounds so far. I take 7.5 mg of Zyprexa but I am losing weight instead of gaining.


I normally eat 800-1500 calories a day.