Brain damage from's real for me

No matter how I try I still can’t concentrate longer than fifteen mins. on a book that I try to read…how I miss reading for hours on a good book…I blame brain damage from psychosis…it’s such a drag.


That got better for me. I had to just force myself to do things.


I have the same issues. I can’t concentrate for more than 10-15 minutes. I feel my brain damage, I have a cracked brain. It sucks.

I’m quite sure if my cracked brain heals I won’t be psychotic anymore.


I asked my psychiatrist about that and he said my psychosis was treated early enough it shouldn’t have affected me that badly. He told me to blame my chronic cannabis abuse before I cleaned up as it is proven to kill brain cells. Thankfully I did clean up when I was younger or my problems would be even worse now.


we all have an eventful life …nice one

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Disorganized thinking and some impaired cognitive ability is part of the symptom mix of schizophrenia. Psychotic symptoms of hallucinations and delusions is a different symptom mix. Recovery is possible. Try keeping a daily journal. It really helped me.

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I can score well on psychometrician created high range IQ tests, but ask me to plan and organise anything above a rather basic level…

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Been like that from as far back as I can remember. Never had any help and support for it.

My pdoc always tells me the more times I’m psychotic and the longer the psychosis lasts the worst it will affect my brain.

I believe the brain is neuroplastic and can heal itself with the right practices like exercise, healthy eating and lifestyle etc. also the right medications help. Don’t be too quick to dismiss your cognitive abilities due to your current situation. People who have literally had brain damage due to traumatic brain injury have been able to fix their brain even better than before the damage. The brain can fix itself easily. Don’t dismiss it.

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I’m pro med but for me personally I’m pretty sure my long term med use caused the damage.

I’ve been on various APs and mood stabilizers since I was 20, I’m now 59 years old

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Cdp-choline aka citicoline is said to reverse symptoms of brain injury. It’s a OTC supplement in most countries.

It could be something else than psychosis but it could be also negative symptoms. I suspect that I have adhd or autism.

I can’t concentrate either. I was going to say something, but I wanted to look it up first to check a fact and I went off on a tangent and here I am a couple of hours later😅 I forgot the original thing I was searching! I think I really might have adhd. And I agree the meds probably had their role.

I am pro meds too but this sounds too close to fear mongering.

God, I wish. I have had strokes. I’ve gotten some back, but not all.

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I practice guitar and mandolin almost every day. Together it’s around 50 minutes. My hands get tired and I wonder how professional musicians do it?

I think loneliness can cause brain damage.

I’m always psychotic. Maybe it helps when you are left alone? Or does it make things worse?