How many years latter you think the cure will be found?

I would say a decade latter. By the time they found we will all be already death. But i have hopes that better drugs may come out that will treats us to the point that we will not have a single symptom.

i dont think in my lifetime…and im 22…but i can hope…

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I am sometimes day dreaming that the cure has been found and i am being operated.

Probably in about 20 years. I’ve noticed there’s currently more countries trying to find the cure for schizophrenia.

In 1975 when i was dxed with schizophrenia my parents used to say maybe in a hundred years. That wasn’t very comforting. I hope for the sake of all of you it is much sooner than that. Maybe a vaccine to inoculate against it?

I’ve given up the idea of Curing this. But I do feel that better therapies and better meds and most of all better education and hopefully better laws and treatment will come in my life time.

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I highly doubt it will ever be cured. Experts don’t even have a solid grasp on what the disease even is yet. SZ is also the most complex disease considering it’s really a collection of diseases and everyone with it has a different combination in their case. Better treatment certainly s on the way, but a cure is doubtful.

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I already know what the cure is, but it would be extremely hard to attain to say the least.

The best we have is altering our minds without making us horribly ill, the pills aren’t really a good idea at all, it’s not long before you are sick from them.

The cure though, if they were made to leave me alone that would cure it just fine.