How many weed smokers here?

I’ve asked something similar before. But I just want to see how common it is amongst us.

I haven’t been on aps for almost 8 months, and in the back of my head the temptation to smoke it is there… If I relapse I’ll never forgive myself…

What’s the point. If this site hates alcohol use same with pot. You can still get a DUI on marijuana.

I wanna know if people using get worse or better from it. I know high thc content increases paranoia.

Schizophrenia and weed do not mix. :cow2::cow2::cow2:

Seems that way. AP = less dopamine
Thc = more dopamine

How do people not feel depressed on aps?

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I smoke everyday,

But that’s rare.

For most people with schizophrenia it makes the symptoms worse.


I used to toke every weekend for many years. All my life really. I’m 59 now. I quit 11 years ago when I got religion.

Do you know which strain and the thc cbd ratio?

I’m not sure what strain or CBD content I’m smoking now,

But I always smoke indicas.


same here…I have a medical marijuana card and I buy about an eigth a week…

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The energetic strain right?

Lucky it’s legal where you are. At least you know the strain and thc cbd content.


That’s sativas.

Indicas are more mild and relaxing.

Ahh ok. Does cannabis make you hallucinate at all? Cos when I had it back in 2016 I saw things in mirrors and glass. The only time I’ve ever properly hallucinated.

It doesn’t make me hallucinate,

But it never has.

If you’ve had an experience where it’s made you hallucinate its likely to happen again.

I think in 2020 I’ll vape a few puffs as a trial. If it makes me feel weird I’ll never use it again.

Is it legal in your state?

That needs to be considered.

Also your past experiences.

I’m just saying, you may have a bad time.

I don’t talk about it here because most schizophrenics tend to lose their marbles if they smoke just a little. People are different though, that’s the truth. I find becoming a tad bit soothed and no longer required to take life seriously gives me back the will to live. Moving permanently to California soon thank goodness. I have a card.

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It makes me really paranoid. I’ve like repeatedly tried it after my onset and I just can’t do it. I can drink however but I don’t over do it

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Well Yeah! Duh. Of course they’ll have a hard time.