How many weed smokers here?

not for 5 years now. maybe i’ll consider it if it’s ever legalized, but will probably avoid it. paranoia is not worth it. and worse yet, is how bad my memory was back when I used to smoke. not sure if that was specifically the weeds doing though as I used to drink quite a bit as well. im trying to heal my mind through meds diet and exercise and function well into my later years. and I haven’t had any pain issues that would make me consider smoking.

I don’t smoke but I’ll have some edibles when my pain gets bad.

I have never smoked pot. One reason is because I don’t want to be totally and always dependent on it. But one person told me it might help with worrying.

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I quit 5 years ago, smoked for 11 years pretty much everyday.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It just causes problems in the long term; especially when you can’t get your hands on some.

Its different for everybody though.

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Not all schizophrenics/schizoaffectives have a hard time when they smoke it. I smoke regularly, and it just relaxes me, not a hard time at all.

I recognize that most with psychotic illnesses have their symptoms worsened, but some of us do not experience ill effects. For some of us it’s actually beneficial, though I normally try not to say that on here. God forbid i say such a thing.