How many times do you masturbate a day?

How often do you masturbate?
  • 1
  • 2-3
  • 3-4
  • 4 or more
  • Not Daily
  • Never

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It must hurt to pee doing it 2-3 times a day?


Lange lebe die, onanie.
Long live the onanie.

Oh good, I was just thinking yesterday how the TMI genre has been dying out lately.


I think for years I would have gone once a day for sure. I’m 51. I’m glad my sex drive is lessened. I just do it when I can which is like now and then. Works wonders.

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This question sounds so competitive. How many times can I orgasm a day ? I don’t know, I lost track and don’t count.

I definitely don’t have the drive anymore to do it daily like I did pre APs.

Yeah after a while you’re shooting empty bullets, but its either a compulsion or addiction to just feel something other than nothing.

Ever since I had less stress, less exposure to scantly clad girls and when I grew older, I’ve had less drive than when I was on Risperidone.

I would not say it comes from having a hyper or any sex drive - just the opposite - but to feel something.


It’s perfectly human behavior. We are lucky and both sexes can get off. Please don’t spread the religious rubbish. If you’ve a problem with it then fine but don’t criticise others who are pefectly of the normal range.

If your horny your horny. If your not your not it’s nothing to do with religion or depression for most folk.


Exactly, the proper question is : Do you orgasm ?

It’s a drive to feel alive.

That is another issue. Our medications can affect function but always talk to your doc. Don’t diss on others who don’t have an issue and enjoy it. I don’t do it often but you don’t do it not to enjoy it.


I have not got interest to masturbate anymore.

Not sure about sex either.

Orgasms are nice but only if it is a holistically positive experience for me

Agreed. Just coming out from a psychotic episode does that to you according to my pdoc.

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I said never - but its more like once every couple of months. I even bought some sex toys (lol) in an attempt to get the old chap up, but that didnt work.

I spanked the monkey as much as five times a day before, but now it’s two or three times a week is fine

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Used to do marathons when young, like 8 times in a row, similar like destroy you d ick december

When I was a young buck it was twice daily. Now I’m not sure if I’ll do it once a week. I’ll be 30 this coming march