How many times do u masturbate

How regular are u…

I am about once a day, sometimes it doesnt work though so I’ll round it off to 4 days per week!!!

And u?

Not often
Feel like it sometimes not often

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I’m worried about going blind


If that’s a side effect of masturbating I should be completely blind then


i never do, my partner does sometimes and i pleasure her about 3 times a week in a good week but it varies. i just have no interest in sexual pleasure for myself.


I almost never masturbate

Usually once a day,

Sometimes when I get real weird, more frequently.

I think that’s normal.


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usually 3-4 times a week

Masturbation is a suicide committed daily.

A couple days ago i realized last time i thought about sex was 2 months ago or more. I had no clue.

I have erectile dysfunction due to meds… and when I manage to have erection I don’t have orgasm.

2-3 times a week max. Low libido is probably a consequence of my flat affect and anhedonia. Sometimes I orgasm without even getting a proper erection first…

If CBT ever proves efficient for low libido I’m gonna erect a huge statue to Aaron Beck in my town. Fyi, Aaron Beck is the one who first strategized CBT.

Also, did you get the pun above? I get my erections back, I erect a statue :innocent:


Nice erections joke!!

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Not very often… I struggle to allow myself to do anything that brings me any kind of pleasure. If I do it then I can’t enjoy it as I feel guilty.

Anyone know what is the name for this kind of symptom/experience?

Without getting into details, risperidone does a number on my hormones.

Religious upbringing?

Kidding aside, I think it’s called a guilt complex, but I don’t know if that’s an actual term, or just something people with religious upbringings say.

I had to enlarge the type to read that :stuck_out_tongue:


I almost never do cuz of risperdal.

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Women. Are. Sexy.

2-3 times a day