How many people on this site have back trouble?

It’s weird. I can do front squats with weights, but when I reach out from my torso and do things with my hands I get a bad pain in my back. It makes it hard to do very much work. I can mow a small lawn. I can clean a couple of one person bathrooms. But I’m reaching my limit of pain tolerance when I do those things. It sucks, because there is a factory down the road that is paying $16.50 starting wages. They also offer small bonuses for working nights and weekends. But it is not just my back. Anti-psychotic medication makes it really hard for me to take very much heat. I get drenched in sweat before other guys have broken a sweat. It gets pretty hot in those factories. $16.50 an hour is a lot in this area.

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I have a protruding disc in my back and arthritis of the spine…sometimes it really hurts but most of the time if I don’t do anything to agitate my back it’s fine. sorry you can’t work in the factory.

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For $16.50 an hour I would take a lot, but I just don’t think I could pull through on this one. Also, the thought of losing my disability pay is scary, but I’ve been homeless without pay or SNAP benefits before, but I’m older and weaker now.

yeah bud, I wouldn’t risk it…you should be able to get social security if I remember how old you are? I’m going to be 61 in april…anyways…maybe after you get social security instead of disability you can work there.

I turned 64 in January. I’ll see what develops. It could be that the factory is in a jam and needs labor, and they would lay me off just as soon as the workload went down.

I get lower back pain recently. It might be PELVIC inflammatory disease or it might be kidney pain.

Or just something less serious.

I hope it is something less serious. Get it checked out.

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If it doesn’t go within a week or two, I will.

Thanks Crimby


I’ve got a realllllly bad spine.

Herniated disks, scoliosis, nerve pain.

I’ve been operated on my lower back twice so far, and I sometimes feel capable of scratching someone’s face off, the pain is so bad in my left shoulder.

I need to make an appointment and get shots or something. Or, better, acupuncture. Acupuncture has helped my back a lot.

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I have spinal stenosis, arthritis in my SI joint, and my vertebrae are twisted in different directions thanks to a car wreck in my teens.

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If I stand up for too long, or do much walking in one go, then my lower back plays up. That’s happened over the last 4 years or so. I have mild scoliosis and premature osteoporosis.


My bones ache from my head on down. I need a lot of time on my bed just resting.


I have arthritis down my spine, some places pretty bad. 2 bulging discs in my lower back causing sciatica, the arthritis in my neck is a daily fight, but I do what I need to so I can deal with it.

I thought you were a young man. I thought you were 20 something. lol. I was trying to fix you up with young girls! lmao. You must have thought I was a weirdo.

I’ve lost some bone density, significantly in one spinal bone disc due to anorexia in my 20s.

Hope it doesn’t cause problems as I age.

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I have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar. Hurts like the dickens.

I think they diagnosed me with arthritis in my lower back most likely caused by lifting many heavy objects as a truck unloader in my 30’s. I worked unloading trucks in the mid 90’s and started having problems in 2014.

My back slowly stiffened up, at first I just couldn’t bend over to tie my shoelaces. Then not being able to bend at the waist. By the time I had to move my stuff in 2015 I really couldn’t lift anything heavy and I strained my back in 2015, every little movement hurt and that was for about 5 months. Eventually the pain went away but it was still stiff. I had to take two months off of work while it healed.

When the pain went away and I went back to work I discovered I could do all my janitor duties even with a bad back. And that’s where I am right now, the vice president of my company had back problems and he told me it will be fine but that my back would start acting up and hurt periodically but I will go great lengths of time with no pain. And he was right. About every three months my back will hurt for about a month and I’ll have to be careful not to worsen it. But then I will enjoy three, pain free months.

My back doesnt give me grief if im just doing casual stuff. But back when i was working recently, it would kill within a few hours of my shift.

I’m still sore from falling from my bed. The muscle relaxer and pain pills are actually easing pain.

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Ouch! I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. I hope you feel better.

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That’s good. I hope you get better soon.