I injured my back

The supervisor never asked me if I’m able to lift up to 75 pounds

Got trained yesterday on changing forklift batteries

I had to remove the side panel, it’s all steel. Then put it back on, which is tricky.

Contacted my and said I have to stay home today since I can barely walk

And the pain is intense.

Wish I could sit in a Whirlpool.

Now I gotta sit home with nothing to do and put up with Phil. Ugh.

My boss said see you tomorrow but I’m doing those batteries anymore.


I hope you feel better soon


I’m going into chiro this morning.
Hope it doesn’t hurt
I’m already hurting
Pretty bad.


When my back hurts, I go to a chiropractor.


Ir’s more than hurt

It’s an injury.

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@Daze I hope you fell batter soon. I suffer from Disc Degeneration Disease… So back pain is no mystery, but a long staying and unwelcome guest stuck in my body. Chiro should be able to help you easy the pain. I just hope it’s not pinched nerves as well / herniated discs/ broken bones…


Oh I’m sorry @Daze
Try to rest your back for a while

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That’s so too bad, @Daze I hate it when any of us can actually get out and work and then get hurt. It’s so unfair.


sorry to hear you hurt yourself @Daze
i hope it gets better soon!

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So sorry get well soon

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Just went to chiro
He cracked me all over

Pulled my Lower back down toward my legs

Used a vibrating gun on my neck and lower back

Felt good on my neck
But hurt on lower back

He said put ice on it
And should be good

To go tomorrow.

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Can you file a workers comp claim at your job since you were injured at work? That way, if your claim is approved, your employer/employer’s insurance would pay for treatment.

Yeah I asked. If I get a large bill I’ll take it

Up with employer.
We’ll see.


Typically, one person can’t safely manually lift greater than 51 pounds, and manually lifting that amount safely is dependent on how the lift is performed.

I would recommend talking to your work supervisor about manual lifting.


Injured backs are not fun. Hope you heal up soon.

Very careful (((hug))) to avoid sore spot.


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Okay, ha. I know how to lift, bending the knees,

Don’t swivel

It still happened.

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Yeah, from what you describe it sounds like you’re doing the appropriate lifting technique in terms of body positioning.

With that said, your employer shouldn’t be asking you to lift more than one person can safely lift. If you’re being asked to manually lift 51 pounds or more by yourself for example, that would be concerning.

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Hope you heal quickly.

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75 pounds is very heavy for the average person to lift in that way. You should get help to lift it on and off if you are asked to do the same thing again. Hope it clears up and you get back at it. No pun intended.


Thanks. I’m going to work tomorrow. But no, I’m not doing the forklift batteries anymore.