Anyone with scoliosis or back pain

Do you also have sciatica? I get pain all the way to my toes on the left side, pt exercises have helped some but some days it’s really bad, I got a yoga ball to do some more intense back stretches. Anyone else deal with this?

I have lower back pain. Once every few years, my back will spaz out and I’ll be unable to move for a week.

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I get sciatica if I irritate it. Luckily it’s been awhile since I’ve had a flair up. I have degenerative disc disease all the way down my spine so I deal with a lot of pain. Right now I’m really suffering in my neck. I’ve been going to pt for the last year or so and it really helps with the pain. I’m about to find out if home traction will work for me, and maybe if it does my insurance will pay for home traction for me. Which will bring even more pain relief. Back pain is terrible because you can’t do anything without using your back. I really feel for you. And I hope you feel better. I hope you continue with pt and don’t give up, it’s worth it in the long run.

I have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar and the pain radiates down into my hips on the regular, but not sciatica. I used to have pain free days but I don’t anymore. Twisting, bending, all those yoga type things just make it hurt more. Oddly, running is not much of a bother but impact aerobics is becoming a no-go. I was referred to PT but I never did go. Hope you find some relief!

Yes to sciatica, but less so since losing weight. Also have spinal damage from a work injury plus nerve damage in neck, and right shoulder in particular. Used to have to manage with Vicodin, but found that a mushroom supplement really dials the pain back Check out Amyloban 3399 on Amazon. Took it to help with SZ (it does), but it was the pain management that rocked me back on my heels. Wasn’t expect it to do what it did. I can manage on Tylenol now, gave up the Vicodin.


Damn that sucks. Did you sue those mfs? I thought you had an office job, not blue collar.

Started out as a chef in my twenties. Natural gas appliances can be dangerous. I wasn’t in shape to sue anyone at the time.

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I see. I’ve often avoided manual labor. Not for fear of injuries. Rather I am very clumsy and end up getting in the way. Dad hates me for that. It’s a paradox because at the same time I can play the piano…

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I have spondylo listhesis and degenerative disc in my low back. My back slid forward on my tailbone in a car accident years ago. I also have a spinal cord injury in my neck which doesn’t help

Sitting, standing all that s*** flares it up. But the worst is the mornings, it takes me an hour and a half to unlock my back and my hip

Oh well, it’s better than being Six Feet Under

I have a tense back. Massage or stretch.

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