Im experiencing bad derealization/depersanilization. My memories dont feel like they’re my own, and I feel all foggy and like I’m watching my life go by through a small window. My anxiety is through the roof, I’m about to take my prn.

I think it got triggered on friday when I had a bad interaction with a coworker at my new job.

My pdoc is out most of the month on vacation, and I’m wondering if I could go to the hospital for the derealization even though I’m not suicidal. I have a passive death wish, but I’m not suicidal.

I was doing great until that damn altercation with my coworker.

■■■■, can no one offer any advice? The prn wasnt enough to calm me down. I’m freaking the f out.

Would they laugh at me for going with these issues?

I used to go through this. For it to go away you have to ignore the symptoms and don’t let it bother you. It does go away

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My coworker tried to kill me and caused my sz from the paranoia

Try grounding techniques. Take 1 thing, describe it by each of the five senses. Ie… a blue. Soft, feather that doesn’t smell. I wouldn’t recommend tasting it. Etc…

Does that help you?


Thanks, that did help a bit!

Cool cool cool! My therapist taught me that. Also, I used to.smoke cigs as a distraction. I don’t recommend that, though.

Let me know.if you need additional help. I can only offer types of things. As im.not a therapist
Take care.

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Thanks a bunch! I havent ever brought up dissociation to my treatment team, as it’s rare for me but it got severe today. I should probably talk about it when I see my therapist next.


Yes bring it up to your treatment team next time you see them.
Try to relax and distract yourself.

You will be fine.

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I had this problem a lot before Zyprexa. It made going out shopping difficult. People are like why would you stick with Zyprexa if you still hear voices, it’s mainly because it helps me a lot with dissociation.

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I tasted a feather in my youth (I was “washing its hair”). I was ill with a bacterial infection for a week and a half… I too wouldn’t recommend tasting any feathers. :sweat_smile:

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I am in a dream 100% of the time now. I used to be able to come out of it once and awhile and have full realization of my existence. Now everything feels like a dream every day. I’m not sure what it is, but im sure a medication could probably fix it if i talked about it with my pdoc.

Kinda feels like my head is in the clouds and im on autopilot most of the time. The way i found to kinda get out of it is to stop looking at screens.


Grounding is what I find most helpful. Some other techniques you can try

Try to count things! Pick an object or color and try to find things that match description. for example, count and name everything you can see that is blue.

Another is try to describe your surroundings in extreme detail! Describe the colors of the walls and the furniture in the room how bright it is etc.

Another thing is drink something cold the sensation helps

Those are just some things that help me!

Hope things improve for you

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You got away lucky. This reminded of a sad story about a young girl who kissed a dead bird and got sick and died


Try amyloban 3399 for derealization.
It helped @insidemind derealization the first day he took it

Too funny! Well, you’d think someone would have common sense, ey.?

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Thanks! I had to leave work early, but my boss is understanding it seems.

The cold water trick really helped!

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I have a significant problem with this. I often sit at the toilet thinking, “am I really here, or am I still sitting out there?”

You are not alone, my friend. I hope you are feeling okay.
If you are feeling really ill and you do not understand reality, it is okay for you to go to the hospital. Your health is a number one priority. :love_letter:

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I mean, I didn’t pick it off of a dead bird. I found it on the ground; I used to collect them and play with them. They all had individual names, too. There were more than 100, and I had even built a sort of school for them out of paper, but my dad threw them all away because he got mad at me for playing in the water. I tried to start my collection over, but I couldn’t because I had grown attached to these feathers. I’d literally had some of them for years, but my dad didn’t care. My interests in both feather collecting and architecture didn’t survive.


Thank you for your kind words! I’m feeling a little better now.