How many people have you told?

Outside of family and mh practitioners how many people have you told about having the dz sz?
In total I’ve told 7 people: 2 ex girlfriends, 3 friends, 1 co-worker, and 1 stranger. I’ve been sz for 17 years. oh, and everyone on this site. Almost forgot about you guys :yum:. So how do you explain your number? For me, I’m a minority and I don’t need others up in my business. The less others know the better.


The whole pub that i frequent daily knows that i am Sz. I wanted to feel to able to be comfortable down there so it just sorta came out. No one really cares in there - as others have got Mh issues themselves.

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Beside my family, pdoc, this forum and my former boss I told one friend

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My family and two friends. One of these friends has a brother with schizophrenia. So he understands

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Just one person, a friend I used to know, who had schizoaffective.

Also professionals who ask me about meds and diagnosis, such as optician and dentist.

I agree with you, it’s better to keep quiet about it, with all the stigma.

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Most folks at the cricket club know I’m different! I went psychotic there years ago but most new folk have no idea.

I just play with their minds and that is cool. I still function well enough and it’s just fun! Some folk are good and understand…most aren’t too caring about anything but their own shite!

You be a bit cool about who you tell and it’s all cool!


I don’t tell most people I meet.
If I trust them and have known them well-enough, I’ll tell them if it comes up.
But I don’t advertise it.


I have told some people.

In my family it’s a bit tabu and my mum is convinced I am a sensitive person with Aspergers and that I am not schizophrenic.

I was a wierd child with symptoms too.

I told my boyfriend before we met.

He told his friends n family I was in a car accident and have a bad memory which is true but he just left out the schizo part.

One of the best gifts I have ever received was a black dog bag to put on my bicycle I had.
A thoughtful gifts that gave great moments because I put my dog in the bag and rode to places.

Sometimes to a lake .
Once to a grave .

I would like to laugh more but sometimes I laugh and on this level of consciousness I do not know what I am laughing about.
I think I had years with out laughter so I want to laugh more.

My family do not talk about it and I don’t know how many of them know.
My parents…
I was taken to hospital by parent .

I do not have friends I hang out with as such.
I have two on Facebook but we do not chat or meet.

I only had intimacy contact with one sex?

No one, I told to 2 friends that I have “depression”.


I’ve told quite a few people even people at my volunteering trial quite soon after I started. Maybe it’s too many I dunno.

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I don’t really have anyone left to tell except family who already know.

I am now in touch with a charity in a nearby city where I am going to go to some groups, so not sure whether I will share it with them or not. I guess I will just have to see what it’s like.

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Ive been psychotic and delusional in front of most ppl I used to hangout with years back while unmedicated so everyone that was in my social circle knew or knows nobody reaches out to me anymore and it’s real embarrassing to run into old friends in public

I tell people if they ask or it becomes relevant to the conversation.
I don’t have a number of how many that is. If I feel it should be relevant to tell someone, I make it relevant.

Besides my pdoc and psychologist it’s just my boss, her husband, and two of my coworkers. My family doesn’t believe that I am ill, when I got officially diagnosed I didn’t bother telling them because I already know what they would say. I wish I could be more open about it.

Yeah. I don’t advertise either

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When I was in university I told nearly everyone
Some people told me they too have voices I begin to calm down
I was horrible I had horrible symptoms like panic attacks
Now I don’t tell anyone in work but they probably know I don’t know

23 years ago when I first got sick the kids from school I played streetball with asked about me while I was hospitalized. I made the mistake of thinking maybe they were decent people.

Other than that, I told my one friend from when I used to go to Church and maybe one other before that.

I generally don’t tell people. My one friend from group knows.

There’s really no one else for me to tell except people online.

It’s funny. If you don’t like people because they’re brown you’re a racist. If you don’t like people because they’re Jewish, or Christian, Muslim or atheist, you’re a bigot.

But there is no specific word for people who stigmatize others due to mental health conditions. The mentally ill are the last group of people that it’s ok to ■■■■ on.

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almost everyone that is online knows, I don’t have a lot of real life friends. I kinda do but they are long distance now (online). Some people have wondered about me, since I was more public in communicating before my Dz. Not anymore though.

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After reading such comments on this thread. I truly believe most schizophrenics worry far too much about telling them their diagnosis. Of course im fully aware of the stigma but maybe im one of few. When i tell people i just get help and support. I think an element of paranoia plays into it as well. Just bloody tell them if they ask! It wont kill you! Sz is more tolerated these days - at least where i live. I just dont make a big deal out of it…

I’ve told about 20 friends and a handful of university professors. I was just wading through the waters finding somewhere I felt comfortable. Knowing what I know now I probably wouldn’t have told so many people.