How many people have you told?

Let me put it this way, when I had friends from Church, and they had asked what I get a SSI check for, one said “You aren’t schizophrenic, are you?” apparently she knew a guy who was. (although, technically I’m sza) The tone of her voice left no doubt.

The stigma is real, especially in less socially progressive countries and less socially progressive areas of those countries.

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It’s usually been a mistake to tell anyone but professionals

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Not that I haven’t done it before but telling a stranger means you got a pretty loose sense of self. Why would a stranger take precedent over family or friends?

I dont rememver the number of people i have told…i told on the first date…he didnt call again…i told my 6 months bf…he dumped me…i told my current best friend/bf…he is ok with it…i told this girl that comes to the bar…she has mental issues too…i told this woman at the chuch…i told the whole bar once…

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I have told two really close friends because they didn’t understand how different I was from before. Couldn’t believe I didn’t want to go out drinking with them anymore. I quit drinking in 2009 so almost ten years sober now.

But more people than that know. People talk. I don’t bring it up.

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Besides certain family members, I told one of my best friends from childhood that my dx changed from bipolar to SZA.
Ever since telling him about my schiz diagnosis he hasn’t contacted me since.

I say ■■■■ him.
I’m not going to contact him either.


I need to be more disciplined and keep my mouth shut instead of saying too much n then regretting it later

Yes i know the stigma is real. I suppose i try to paint a positive light on it Ive had it myself , its one of the reasons i moved to a different area. Maybe what i said came out wrong - I just think it would be better if we stopped worrying about what other people say about our Sz, cos its prone to making us a bit paranoid. And i don’t bloody care if the world knows im Schizophrenic ! I certainly will never apologize for it. Nor will i be ashamed of it either! So Screw the lot of them…:smiley:

I don’t give this issue much importance. I am what I am.
I think the western world is educated about it. The stigma is not so intense as it was in the 80’s.

I don’t want to keep it a secret unless it’s necessary… And I tell to those who can understand and care … So I told many of my friends and recently shared it on a football related group in facebook. They responded well.

I regret telling my family. They avoid me. I regret telling my friends. They just blame everything I do as schizophrenia. One of them teases me about it. Calls me a nut job. I’m not telling anyone else. Ever!!!

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Aside from telling people online, only my closest family knows.

All of na and aa and Iop and this board and professionals know.

I blast it on fb… could cqr lesss.

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Not a lot and plan on not telling anyone.

Im writting a book called “I have schizophrenia” and on the cover is gonna be my upper body with a closed fist under my chin

Your book should be called…“I Have Schizophrenia, And So Do I”…


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Haha totally dude 1515151515151515

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My memory is so bad that I honestly don’t know or remember how many people know about my illness. All I know is that nobody here at the senior living apartment where I live right now knows about it.

Not many. Only my husband, my son, my two sisters (their husbands) and my two best friends. Even my parents don’t know my diagnosis.

I hope that one day in the future I can achieve something that the normal person can do, then I would probably write an autobiography and disclose this secret. Just a big dream.