Do you tell ppl about your sz?

I’ve told 5-6 friends so far. Because I lack energy and motivation and I need them to understand. One of them dumped me. I start thinking it’s not a good idea. They still think I use my sz as an excuse. And it hurts. I won’t tell anyone anymore.


The “friend” who dumped you was not a friend.

My relatives and friends all know. I don’t tell people I don’t know and trust.


Some friends know. And they understand and support me


I told one friend, my mom, my daughter and one sister. I won’t tell anyone else


When people ask me what is wrong with me I just tell them I’ve had a bad cold for the past thirty-five years.


I don’t really tell people that i’m sza. Not really because i don’t want them to know, it just never really comes up. I guess i act fairly normal in brief interactions with people. The people i’m around a lot know, though.


Not usually but then again I’m not usually getting to know a lot of new people.

I haven’t told my relatives, but if I can’t resolve or stabilize my schizophrenia with supplementation and diet on top of antipsychotic use, I might just start telling them if I accept I have no control over it. Supplements really reduce the symptoms though, so I’m not giving up yet, I might find a breakthrough.

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I do not usually tell people I meet because I just do not feel it necessary. The only people that get to know about it are the ones who will know me for a long time. If I was out meeting people it’s not usually a thing I wold tell them. The worst that would happen is they think I am a bit quiet or off somehow. Unless I am acting up and then I would probably get the tendency to want to stop talking to them.

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I don’t talk about it. I do complain about the side effects of my medicine openly though. no one has yet to ask what I take and what for? I don’t think people care if you’re of a high enough level of functioning that something isn’t obviously wrong with you.

I never tell anyone. It’s none of their business.

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It’s a very very very personal thing. I tought and talk about this with docters. I think just few people need to know. If you really really trust them. There’s stigma. We can’t expose ourselves, we don’t need that pressure on us. It’s my sincere opinion on this.
Wish you The best.

Yeah, I enjoy making small talk at work about how I have paranoid schizophrenia and how it majorly fu*ked up my life.

Bob my manager, “Hey, Nick, how was your weekend? Was it hot enough for you?”
Me: “When I was psychotic and in the insane asylum, four huge orderlies gabbed me and chained me to a table for 6 hours.”

Bob: Cool, Uh, neat Nick. Me and the old lady went and saw Tom Cruise in his latest movie."

Me: I was so heavily medicated in the hospital from massive doses of prolixen that I could barely walk."

Bob: “How about those Cowboys Nick, think they’ll make the Superbowl?”

Sue, the office manager walks up. Me, “Nice dress Sue. It’s the same color I saw when I was hallucinating Satan torturing me.”

Sue, “That’s so sweet. Hey, anyone catch the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV last week? Weren’t those two kids on the Bugs Bunny float just precious?”

Me chuckling, “Yeah, reminds me of my last breakdown when they were loading me in the ambulance and out of the corner of my eye I saw the two neighbor kids staring at me in horror like I was an animal”

Bob and Sue with smiles, “Wonderful Nick!”. “Well you have a nice morning Nick. Easy, on the doughnuts, bud.”

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I agree with @SkinnyMe.
It’s nobody’s ■■■■■■■ business.
The stigma associated with a SZ diagnosis is too great.

When I told my best friend that my diagnosis changed from bipolar to schizoaffective, he decided to dump me as a friend.

I tell my family doctor that my diagnosis is bipolar, if he knew that my dx was SZA he would drop me as a patient, without a doubt.

Society treats schizophrenic patients like leper’s.
I’m not going down that road.

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You’re always good for a good laugh, @77nick77.

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I usually only talk about it to other friends who also have a MI, and all of my family know. I find sometimes ‘normal’ people can be judgemental about mental illnesses…

I’ve told a few people that i feel i know quite well and trust. Otherwise, i keep it to myself. Although the stigma of mental illness is being addressed - it certainly hasn’t been reduced for schizophrenia.

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