How many people get financial support from your parents

I get a disability check once a month for 391 dollars, also my father pays for my credit card. Does anybody else get financial help from their parents. I am very thankful for this.


I get help financially from parents I’m lucky my dad had good job


391$ what country are you in? That’s sounds so little for a disability check.

my former step mum loves me more than my parents i had growing up and helps me more too.

i am renting her apartment .
i could never afford to live in this neighbourhood if she didnt give me cheaper rent.

she is the one who helps me out such.

emotionally and financially.

she calls me on the phone often and taught me how to drive to shopping centre by myself and if i could not afford vet bill she is the one i would ask to help me.

my dad would not help me.

my mum paid for my dog to have his teeth pulled out.
i couldnt afford that and she probably couldnt either so appreciate that.
it cost almost $800.

my former step mother bought me my car second hand but still pretty new.

my parents would not have bought me a car.

my dad bought his x and wife brand new cars but he would not do same for me.
he gavehis x a fortune but would not do the same for me.

my parents prioritised sex as number one so who ever was giving them good sex is who they loved most and gave most money and things too.
i was never their priority.

i do not get money other than the disability pension but cheap rent and car helps.

i probably could not afford a car if it wasnt gifted to me.

my dad did not appreciate me and did not give me much compared to what he gave his girlfriends.
he gave them houses etc and i was told im not in his will pretty much.

my mum treated her sons better than me and they got more than me but that was because of her husband.

i am very thankful for the help i get.

i have a place to live that i can afford thanks to her.
i have a car to drive.
i can afford my fur babies.

my brother and his wife support me by giving me a dog walking job.
i get $30 a week.
that helps.

a girl i know of got $35 a hour for dog walking but my brother couldnt afford that much and i appreciate the job and him.

my mum sent me $100 a couple months ago which i appreciate.
it was so i can buy nice food and afford to eat out.

my grandma sent me around the same too so i can eat out.
i told her i would buy thai food with it and i did.

i might have been homeless if my former step mum didnt help me as she does.

and if i rented with out cheaper rent i would be incredibly poor and unable to afford my fur babies and car.


My dad helps me financially until I finish my studies and get a job. Which is hopefully some time after New Year.


I’m from the U.S. I get medicare. I could have gotten Medicaid, but I chose not to. Medicaid pays around 630 dollars. I got medicare because I wanted to be more responsible. Also if I get a job in the future, I can work more hours.


I use my money I receive monthy, gives the remaining to my parents for rent, food, etc


I get by on my disability check, but only because my parents give me reduced rent.


I dont use a credit card anymore, when required, I pay my parents and they either buy it for me or let me use their card for online purchases.

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When I was on Abilify I had a Visa with 5000$ limit but was abusing it bcz of shopping addiction caused by Abilify. I was working full time and was broke at the same time. Now I have more money and dont work as I spend much less. I try to eat homemade food, not hangout a lot, dont drive anymore except when going to the Dr, etc


Not since I was 21 years old. I’m 28 now. I got married at 21. I worked a job up until June 5th, of this year. My husband’s paycheck is the only income for our household now.

I applied for Social Security Disability Insurance, though. It will be a long while until they make a decision.

Up until 21, my dad helped pay for all of my medications and medical supplies/devices. Type 1 diabetes is extremely expensive. I recently looked at my insurance website… I’ve paid about $7,700 so far this year, just for myself alone, husband’s medical stuff not included.

It’s insane how expensive it is to stay alive. If my husband loses his job, I’m screwed.

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I rarely hangout with friends now and only hangout when they come pick me up from home.

I don’t get any support from my parents anymore

Medicaid doesn’t pay you. When you’re impoverished SSI pays you if your income is low enough. Then SSDI pays you based on your lifelong earnings

@November, I’m in the us and I get $700/month from SSDI. Then I am required to pay $150 for my Medicare coverage for disabled and elderly people. So I end up with about $550/month

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My parents cover most of my expenses: medication, food, utility. Money that I earn I spend for my computer credit and my wants. I work not very much. I have 2 online lessons per day. Also I wanted to ask, does this site have something like chat?

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I don’t directly get financial support from my parents but I live with my parents and my rent and other expenses would be much higher if I were living on my own. So in a roundabout way I do.

Okay, wow that doesn’t seem like even enough to live off.

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My step-dad used to give me a $100 a month to help out. That stopped about 9 months ago.

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None. I have been on my own since I was 15. My mom has been dead for 11 years, anyway.