How many people get financial support from your parents

It’s not. If my husband who is also disabled passes away, I’ll have to go to a group home

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Until I graduate, I will get support from my parents. Then hopefully I can get a scholarship!


My dad gave me 3k in the winter when I lost my job and ran out of money during an episode. So that I could pay for rent and food and get a new job. Was very thankful for that. My gf helped me out too


Ha mines the other way round - i usually end up lending mum a couple hundred now and again cos i get way more than her old age pension lol. Paid part of my brothers rent last month too.

I dont mind - i always get it back, and it stops me from spending it on crap.

Enhanced PIP lol.

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Your such a sweet person!

I admire your humbleness


I don’t get any financial support from my parents - I am completely independent

I get financial support from my dad. My paycheck isnt enough to live here

I feel guilty because hes supported me so much over the years and I feel I cause him a lot of stress with my condition

I got a clothing allowance of about £250 a year ,in today’s money, for a short while in 1980s.

i get enough with my disability lucky enough… i pay mum and dad for my living expenses here.

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I’ve lend a lot of money to both my parents so that they could renovate their respective houses interest free. On the other hand I don’t pay rent in the apartment that I live with my dad. It’s give and take.

I got financial support from my parents in the form of small inheritances when they died.

I get disability money, 315 euros per month.
It’s a small amount but parents help me.

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I have my needs covered with my disability checks and I help my family with them as well.

g oh golly.

a compliment. :slight_smile:

Thank you Abise.
appreciate it!



İ dont.actually i support to my family instead.they give nothing to me.i gave 10000 dollars to them and they don t even appreciate what i done for is very cruel

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U can pm people here so that way u can chat

Where are you from

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I have been financially supporting my mom from the time I was 18 to when i turned 25 and finally cut her off.

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I have disability and 2 jobs so I mostly pay for myself.

But I recently had a big car repair bill and my parents had to help me with that.

I’m on a trust fund. It’s my parents money, but they’ve given me more than I can spend, I give the excess I don’t use back to them.

Yeah, had the same issue. I moved out and then my mom moved back in with me as she couldn’t pay her bills on her own. Mooch.