Do you parents support you with money


My dad helps me with financial issues. Like gas and things. Does anybody’s parents help you out financially.


Yes my parents help me with bills and my mum still does my washing


I live with my parents and only pay $200 per month towards groceries. I save the rest of my ssdi.



But they put me through school and supported me when I was separated from my husband for a few months.

They don’t help me with any bills or expenses,

However, they’ve given me a lot of money through the years.


I live with my parents though yesterday my dad was discussing how “my kind” should be homeless and how it can be good for me. He also thinks I lie on the bed too much which is weird because I only get on the bed to sleep. But he is not a mentally healthy guy and he is my dad so I’m not mad or anything. Just irritated.


My parents help me financially right now they’re pretty much paying for everything and guilting me for it constantly. Like I’d love to help pay for stuff but it’s not my fault the government is taking so long to give me disability. I can’t work I have nothing to sell. I’m boned.


yes, I live with my parents and they help me out a ton. I’m fortunate in that regard – not having to worry about financial trouble


I live with my parents and they pay for everything that needs buying, food etc. But I give them most of my benefits money.

In the past they’ve helped whenever I’ve needed it really, like giving me money to help out when I was at university


My parents don’t give me money but they do all my care. Cooking, cleaning, washing , driving and shopping.


Are you not living in your own flat anymore?


I live with my parents and they pay for everything unless I do some online shopping or something. They let me keep my ssdi.


I am on my own but they still help with all that stuff. They just live round the corner.


Ok that’s good. For some reason I thought you lived a fair distance from them


Years ago my father set it up so I would get £25 a quarter towards clothes but that stopped soon after I met my wife. My mum when alive used to buy me items of food from time to time. My dad gives me money when he visits this country. Other than that I don’t get any parental financial support.


My mom is on assistance so she needs it for herself.

I help out financially(I get a little more from assistance) while she takes care of most of the housekeeping.

Although, I do help out with grocery shopping and cooking.

I wish I could help out more.


It’s the other way around for me.
I pay for things myself and help him financially when my father needs it.

It’s fair after all since I don’t pay him rent.


My parents are both deceased, but when they were alive they didn’t help me out much with money. My dad did a couple times a few years ago, but other than that I didn’t get financial support. My dad did give me a place to live for two years after I left med school, though I was paying half the rent the second year of that. He let me stay with him again in 2008, after my then-wife kicked me out, but I was able to move out after a month.


My brother and I supported our parents with our SSI. That is one of the reasons they stopped talking to me after I moved out and we would fight because I wouldn’t leave my girlfriend.

Now my partner and I support her parents with around 1300 dollars a month towards rent.


My parents send me a little money every week, and it’s enough to keep me fed.
I feel bad about it, but they don’t guilt me, luckily.


@tukey your dad thinks it’s be good for you to be homeless and that That’s where people with sz belong?! That’s awful! You must be really hurt by that comment.