How many of you

How many of you consider yourselves treatment resistant?

I used to. Doctor felt that way too.

Me too, i just got discharged from hospital today and am feeling quite demoralised.


Take your life into your own hands, and don’t let wet round the ears medical professionals dictate what you as a person are capable of


This was my turning point as well.

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Im told Im treatment resistant by pdoc. But i refuse to take clozapine until all else fails.


Im one of the lucky ones - more often than not, i respond well to anti-psychotics, its the one bonus that keeps me out of the hospital.

I’m on all the right medication but I’m still having lots of problems so in a way I’m treatment resistant

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well i dont know. I hope it doesn’t get worse. It’s been better with the pills. But I’m so so tired of taking pills. Also I get confused about whether or not I took my pills and so sometimes I skip them and sometimes I double take them. But other than this, I’m quite derogatory.

I would say I’m treatment limited rather than treatment resistant. I’ve improved to the extent I only see the pdoc once a year, but I’ve never had a paid job and when I’ve tried to socialise it’s not gone well.

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I wouldn’t say I was treatment resistant, it just took multiple tries before I found the right treatment for me. It was often frustrating because it took many years, but I’m glad I was patient and willing to try different things so that now I don’t suffer as much.

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I am partially treatment resistant. The meds I’m on do help, but I still have hallucinations and paranoia, just not as severe as before. I have tried almost every available med. Now I’m on 3 meds.

I take Seroquel 800mg, Latuda 80mg, and Lithium Carbonate 1,200 mg.

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I tried Latuda, Risperidone, Abilify and Zyprexa. I quit Abilify and relapsed then was put on Zyprexa which didn’t work. Then tried Latuda on which I still had some positive symptoms. Then the Dr tried to prescribe me Clozapine but I said I want Risperidone which worked 100% on positive symptoms but made my negative symptoms worse. Positives are worse imo

i was treatment resistant and then they put me on clozapine in combination with the risperdal consta and that worked for me.

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I’m treatment resistant if the men and people reporting on me aren’t real. I’ve tried almost every AP too. I set alarms to take my meds so I don’t miss a dose


I’ve tried quetiapine, olanzapine, clozapine, risperidone, sulpiride, haloperidol and amisulpride. All helped to some extent but the side effects of some were too bad and I stopped them. The ones that work best are amisulpride and haloperidol, also risperidone which I took in past. Still got a few symptoms though so I don’t know if I’m a little treatment resistant. I’ve had to take more higher doses over the years

Perphenazine is a good med for me. I just need like a booster ap that can work together. Latuda was okay. Clozapine didn’t like me at exactly a week. I hope you get back to feeling better soon and they find you something.hugs

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I am happy on generic prolixin…fluphenazine…no side effects and happy as all get out. sorry I’m not boasting…I am not treatment resistant is what I’m saying.

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My depression and my psychosis both used to be treatment resistant and for the longest time. 30 years long.

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