Are you treatment resistant?

I found out splitting up my anti psychotic helps a lot. im treatment resistant so taking the full amount just kicks out my system every few hours.

What do you do? I am prescribed 1200mg of Amisulpride per day.

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I’ve got off medications I couldn’t tolerate before, but now I am on med’s that I like and that remove my symptoms.

No. I am not treatment resistant.

i read alot and most people are good on here

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I was. All my adult life. Then, in my relative old age, they hit upon the right treatments that worked: meds and coping skills.

I remember reading a diagnosis that I was treatment resistant. I was supposed to be on clozapine. But it was a disaster. I may have been stable for some time. Though. Lol. But I’m not treatment resistant now. Invega works. But I want off. So before I was. Because clozapine may not have been working for me. It’s too hard to know now.

This local Australia clozapine website says it helps 50-60% of patients for treatment resistant people. One thing to note that though is that it can only fight off negative symptoms so far.

I had a plasma blood test to see how much Clozapine is concentrated in my blood.

Currently on 100mg morning and 350mg night

That might change, but not sure

Had to come off Amisulpride 1.2g because of QTc intervals being affected

My meds help me but i still am ill i find life hard to cope with

Basically I made this topic because you could discuss with psycaragist if the meds are being kicked out of your system and not medicatig the symptoms to the max degree…

I still have symptoms on meds. But meds help.

I don’t know where that puts me
On the treatment resistant spectrum.

i thought i was treatment resistant because i still have positive symptoms (delusions) but then i realised that antipsychotics wont get rid of all your delusionas there will be some residual of it also antipsychotics make you stable and make you have insight and it helps with cognitive and negative symptoms as well so i think i am not treatment resistant.

I dont think im treatment resistant…the medication doesnt work 100% but i doubt they almost ever do

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I thought i was. But now I’ve found a good
combination of APs and they finally work.

I dont think my psychiatrist would write that. I have never complained of it not working, but I have been telling her that Im suffering from depression and anxiety on top of things, that Im having low motivation. She was weighing whether or not to add a stimulant or anti-depressant. Sadly, a lot of meds dont seem to work the way I want them to. I think that is because Im getting older and people’s bodys and minds change as they age…

Have decided probably not to start wellbutrine. I think it will make me episodic. It lists on its warnings not to treat people with history of schizophrenia with wellbutrin because psychosis is a possible side effect. I have been pretty good at self control…i dont lose my control like ever in situations…

when I was on less Abilify I felt worse. I had been asking to increase it for years and just got ignored…for some reason my psychiatrist wanted to think i had a substance use disorder and told me i didnt have schizophrenia but that I had substance induced mood problems. Thats what he told me to my face at least.

People seem to think that someone who can communicate is faking schizophrenia because there is a stigma that people with schizophrenia are less intelligent or lack comprehension. Im finally realizing this myself that this is a total myth. My mom, for instance, when she wants to “act normal” sounds completely normal, and then she goes back to having her loud narrative conversations with the universe.

Her medication isnt working at all. she smokes weed and rants at the moon. But thats what she thinks she wants…I miss the old mom…getting frustrated that no one will just put her on the right meds…actually she doesnt even have a psychiatrist probably because the other one quit…

I am treatment resistant to some extent. I still have symptoms and barely managing. I don’t know the fix yet. I am experimenting on my sanity. I am constantly trying to learn and keep myself occupied so I don’t lose control of my self.

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