How many of you


At the moment this forum and my parents are all I have. I don’t feel like fitting in to socialize with people who don’t know I’m sick, at least not at this point in my recovery.


I have trouble speaking as my thoughts are a bit disorganized. Plus I get poverty of speech, which makes it hard to make and keep friends if you have nothing to say to them. I’m so embarrassed by both of these things that I end up avoiding people completely so as to not feel the shame and discomfort.


I can socialize somewhat. I have always had selective mutism and it has made it hard for me to open up when first meeting someone. Thankfully my girlfriend has socialized me as before her I was a bit of a hermit.


I can suffer immensely when socialising or trying my best to do so.

Specially longer time periods like dinner or so

Sometimes I can say g’day to strangers but any more than that and I’m f###<<.

My body stiffens n I can go hysteria and someone else in my body so I am not …
At home but I think a man goes in my body with his stuff n I may live hom but can’t stand it.

I do my best.

Sometimes when people fiorse me to socialise I get sicker like when I was forsed to swim with dolphins n I suffered doing so because of delusions etc

And when they sent me to do a housekeeping course and I was psychotic and ended up hospitalised shortly after that.


Point of order, Mr. Chairman. Everyone needs friends, but not everyone likes having friends.

They’re annoying.



I usually can only smile or say hello to peeps. But I’d gotten to the point of a full on conversations at one stage with random ppl, so I guess I could do it again with enough pushing of myself


I struggle to socialise too. Prefer being in public places like shop or library around strangers but not at a family function. Like company but not much of a talker. I hate greeting tons of people at functions who all say how are you? Strangers who leave me be are better.

I love the company of my husband or parents though and have a friend or two who really cheer me up.


My job as a volunteer is to socialize with the sick, lonely and elderly in a nearby nursing home. So, I guess I can socialize with minimal problems. And I can say hello and how are you? to my new neighbors. So, I guess I am good.