Does anyone else not have friends since the onset of the illness?

I have no social ability and I find people dislike me now because of my inability to converse and lack of affect or smiling and my avoidance of people. Anyone else dealing with this? Has anything helped u? This really affects my life since relationships with people r crucial


i had 1 friend and we used to hang out all the time even after i moved but once things started for me we hung out once and didnt talk for months after until about 2 months ago after i started taking meds but havent talked since then and i think its kinda better that we dont talk anymore because he would always use me the only time we would hang out was if i had weed and he never had any money and once i quit smoking weed which was shortly after my psychosis started thats when we started only talking like once every few months

I’ve always had a hard time making / keeping friends. More so now that I’m not in school and unemployed, which makes meeting people awkward and kinda difficult.

Right now I’m content with online friendships. Gets lonely sometimes though. I live with spouse & kids and even THEN I get lonely sometimes. Loneliness is part of human nature, there is no cure.

Keep being friendly. Someone will be able to see past the minor defects in presentation, I’m sure.

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I lost contact with a lot of the friends that I had. The reason I think is that I was no longer in college and that is where I knew them from. The is a place I know I could go to talk to people but it costs money. So I won’t be doing that until I get some money. That’s playing magic the gathering great way to meet up with fellow nerds. I guess the best thing to do is to find a hobby. The part where I’m stuck is finding a hobby that doesn’t require money.

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What site did u use to make online friends? I had trouble making friends in high school too and had a few online friends also but now I dont have those either. And in high school I dont think anyone thought i was mean or rude just shy.

I want to be friendly. But sometimes I can’t bring myself to speak and often I can’t smile it just comes out weird.

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As far as hobbies, what are you interested in?

I don’t use any specific site, but I visit reddit a lot, and lately I’ve been playing Board Game Online a lot. So I’m getting some social interaction / acquaintance level friendships through those.

I can make friends but have a hard time keeping them because my illness is unpredictable. I’m pretty much afraid of myself and my symptoms and feel unworthy of being in relationships even when I’m well because I know the dark truth about myself.

You could try a social club or a support group for those of us who suffer from MI. It can be uncomfortable socializing with “normies” so that might be a good place to start and polish your skills.
That’s what I consider doing.

I don’t have many friends anymore. I do have three really good friends but unfortunately they live far away. Before the illness I had plenty of friends and was a socially outgoing person. Things aren’t so bad though I do miss hanging out with friends and passing the time. These days I spend most of my time inside. I’ve been isolating for a few months now. It kinda sucks but things could be worse I suppose.

I use to have friends but now all my friends are online. I find it hard talking to old friends from high school. they always expect a conversation and I just don’t know where to lead the conversation. last time I talked to a friend from high school she bragged about how she got married, bitched about insurance and how she couldn’t get her meds. tyroid meds mostly because she wanted to get pregnant. then she asked what college did I go to and I had to tell her I dropped out years ago because I got sick. she asked sick with what? so I told her about the schizoaffective disorder and her las response and I will never forget this, “you were perfectly normal in high school” I wanted to tell her so bad that I wasn’t normal I didn’t have psychosis or anything but I was suffering the affects of ptsd. after that she stopped talking to me.

I had another friend that ive known since middle school and she stopped talking to me after I got sick, I think that was more her mom then her though.

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I hated everyone and pushed them away then got lonely and desperate caught up with em now I don’t see em and I’m on my own sucks I lost friends and I won’t be making new ones so ■■■■ it

Ive been in a relationship for seven years which is an absolute miracle i just got lucky that someone cared enough to get involved

I have 3. All older than me. One is close. Hard to do small talk. I sit quiet. Sometimes. Let them talk.

Well magic for one. Also I like video games but the ones that I play are usually mostly single player. Stuff like europa universalis, civilization, and pillars of eternity. Some have online modes but they aren’t really stuff that most people play online. What games do you like to play maybe we can have a multiplayer session? Also I’m into science although I feel like I’m doing basically nothing in that realm. I have been looking into the reimann zeta equation, but there is one problem I don’t know how people solve for the zeros. I have heard something about L functions but I don’t really know how to use them.

I dropped my jelly, resentful, hater, bigoted, bitch frenemies when I got ill. I don’t need them. I have one good friend who is truly a good person and I see her frequently. I also have my kids (20yo son and 17 yo daughter) whom I am very close with. I am cool with a quality few over low quality and high volume. I am open to making friends but they better be as liberal and kind as I am.

I have alogia and can’t talk. Friends are impossible in this condition.

One could go to social dance

Unless ofcourse they steal your eons n all bully ya spiritually n drive you away n program you malicious ly…

Not only do I not have any friends but I get bullied.
As child,teen and adult.
As an adult it happens on another level n in another way but it’s still nasty.

I have no friends and no family i hang out with.

I joined dating site.

Am concerned the men are biggame or not single but saying they are or out to steal from me or some other mischief.
I’m honest n upfront which they don’t like n also wierd messages where I blabber it freaks them out n they might find my honesty tacky but if they brought subject up…

I might keep going on dates till meet someone compatible.
Can have laugh with ,hang out etc

Maybe I should not "tell all"
My profile says I have herpes n slightly disabled.
If they message me I eventually blabber bit seems.
Telling im schizo etc not a swinger or into one night stands etc

My friends may want to steal from me but maybe if I have real ones they don’t wanna .:blush:.

Otherwise “out to get me”.

I am beyond a misfit n outcast it seems.

But have been told I’m nurturing.

My person…cause others in eons…bäääää.

I dont really feel like i have friends like I used to.
And when I try to interact with people to make friends i get really mean responses.
the other day a woman was staring at me so i said hello as she walked past and she actually said
"Die" to me.
Its unreal how mean people choose to be .

That’s terrible I get looks from people too but never one of those. I think in the wake of all these recent disasters people are looking for someone to blame and being mentally ill makes you a target. I’m not sure I would have handled myself as well as you did if that happened to me…

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