How many of you still drink alchohol?

I know we’re not supposed to but i still go out at night and drink alchohol.

Haven’t had a drink for over 23 years. Don’t miss it. :smile:



I still drink, though I drink considerably less than I used to. I don’t doubt that it is hard on my liver. Now I drink about once a month on average. I used to get drum around four or five times a week.

No more alcohol for me thanks…

I’ve been sober for 6 years…

One drink is never enough.


I got to the point where I didn’t want to drink anymore.


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I’m not sure if you’ve broached the topic because you’re concerned that the drinking or the amount consumed might be a problem? Would suggest talking to your doctor first and foremost. Partly because they need to know what you’re doing that may affect the meds they’re prescribing, and also because they can recommend treatment strategies that may help if you are looking to stop.

Good luck man.


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Sober a year in September.


I​:relieved::weary::tired_face:. Still drink every weekend…

I drink but only light beers

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I still drink. Nothing like I used to though. I can cut it off at one beer, sometime I don’t even have a choice. I’ll struggle through the first one and then have a strong taste aversion develop out of no where.

It’s self medicating sometimes. More accidentally, I’ll be having a rough day and then end up having a beer and it really will take the edge off. Not always, but sometimes it works that way.

Got a couple rolling rocks left over from last night. They should be good and cold by now. Cheers.

The MOLTO PROBLEMO with alcohol and anti-Ps is that they 1) potentiate each other here, and 2) conflict with each other there.

Alcohol is a neurodepressant in the short term in the downlinks from the neocortex (or “new brain”) to the limbic “emotion regulation” system (in the “old brain.”) Thus it suppresses both accurate perception and effective judgment of both the immediate situation and any possible consequences of taking action upon it.

THEN (the fucking stuff) goes hyper-depressant, as well as diuretic, and sends the entire limbic system into a nasty depression coupled with equally nasty dehydration.

I used to love getting bombed with the cuties (who were also getting bombed) at The Oar House in Santa Monica. But I didn’t much care for waking up the next morning, nor having to deal with them when they were as hung over as I was.

Sz + alcohol = even less connection to reality.

Anti-P’s + alcohol = an even worse hangover, as well as over-driving – and then disrupting – the intended therapeutic effects of the anti-Ps.

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Sober since 2010. Don’t miss it. I can’t stop once I start.


i drink in moderation only, i never get drunk bc i hate the feeling

and i know not to drink too much bc of what happened to my dad :frowning:

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Me neither. (31 years C&S.)


I rarely drink anymore.

I don’t drink to get drunk anymore. I got “taken advantage of” by a male last time I got drunk (and took my meds, went to bed, not saying anymore because of triggers) and I have flashbacks and am terrified of that happening again.

I’ll have a drink when I’m with my family, holidays, sure, a dribble of red wine, maybe a pina colada at a restaurant for my birthday. Keep it at 1oz or under in alcohol, with a meal. Lately I’ve just been ordering “virgin” versions of drinks I enjoy. They actually taste better.

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I don’t drink. Can’t really afford it to be honest.

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Alcohol is one of those things I consider cutting out, purely for financial reasons. It does add up pretty quickly if you drink even more than just once a week.

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I’ve always loved drinking but never enough to get drunk. I go out often with my friends and I have several glasses of gin and tonic. Sometimes I drink a bottle of wine with my dinner, light alcohol and I never noticed anything changing in my mood or anything. I also love making cocktails when I’m home, pina colada, margarita. I make jello shots when my friends come over. you need to know your limit.

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Most of the things you’ve listed there… Sound like they’d get you feeling pretty good at least.

I ended up blacking out I think once this year. Aside from that I’ve had my wits about me the whole time. There were a couple emotionally charged nights where I was kind of beyond my limits. For the most part though it’s pretty moderate.

I drink occasionally. It amounts to about 1 unit a week when averaged out. I am aware of the familial propensity for alcohol- mother was alcoholic/problem drinker,brother used to drink a lot,sister was the most vehement about my mother’s drinking but is more than a little fond of a drink herself.
Have had spells myself(but not for quite a few years) when I would drink as much as as quickly as possible to block intensely negative emotions. I would end up crashing out as an escape.