Quitting alcohol

I sometimes drink in the weekend, but cant handle it anymore it makes me sick.
So im quitting!


I’m quitting too lets quit together I’m worried about the effect it will have on my liver with these meds


Good luck @oz_aru and @flyingpancakes.


Thank you @eighteyedspy23


Used to like alcohol even with sz, now some years in it gives me weird feeling while drunk. I even avoid non alcoholic beer


I rarely drink alcohol. It may calm me down and relaxes me if I just drink one or two beers. I never drink more. There was a time when I drank 10 bottles of beer in one day, once, six years ago.

I have an eye out on my alcohol consumption. Even if I’m at a family party then I usually don’t drink any alcohol. Most of the time I’ll go months on time without it.

I live around people which are alcohol dependent. They drink every day. They always ask me if I want some. I always regret besides of one or two times per year. But I only accept beer, nothing harder than that. The thought being addicted to another thing, makes alcohol not appealing to me.

Having enough trouble being addicted to tobacco as a diabetic.


I take a med called naltrexone.

Still been drinking 1 glass of wine or 1 beer each week.

It’s too much on naltrexone

Hell it’d be so much worse if I quit naltrexone. I’d be possibly drinking again. Actually I’m not 100% sure. But it’s very possible

I’m concerned about my weekly drink lately because it causes horrible depression for me


I quit drinking 18 days ago


I went more or less alcohol free for a while, but I started again. I think I use it to self-medicate because alcohol imitates GABA which atypical antipsychotics deplete to avoid tardive dyskinea. GABA is the main relaxing neurotransmitter in the brain, so naturally it is bad to have little of it.

However I started supplementing with small amounts of GABA, like 250mg a day. I really think it helps, and have no signs of dyskinea so far. Although I did get it when I took 750mg, then my hand started shaking involuntary. So I guess it can help as long as I stick to small doses. Hopefully I will be able to cut back a lot on alcohol. I have never been alcoholic, but I do recongnize that alcohol can pose a problem regardless.

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Drank again this weekend, got blacked out drunk. Also getting gaslighted or i have false memories

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I’m very tempted to buy some beer today but I will practice the banjo instead to take my mind off the drink.



Thats a way better thing to do than drinking

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I was drinking while I was on risperidone. I find I can’t drink on latuda so I also recently quit. I don’t miss it that much. I also found out that drinking on antipsychotics can increase the risk of getting tardive dyskinesia.

Psych meds do that not alcohol. Do alcoholics get that?

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