Do any of you suffer from alcoholism?

I was having a good time drinking every day. It is something I have done for years, every so often taking a break and going on a health kick. But now I am deteriorating. I don’t know how to have a good time without alcohol. I am reluctant to call myself an alcoholic because I think I do have a choice, but I do sometimes drink heavy amounts of alcohol every day for weeks on end.

I’m an alcoholic I used to drink 30-35 beers in a day and go for six or seven days and then have a serious hangover. Haldol decoate totally changed my body chemistry in regard to alcohol. Now the most I can drink is 12-14, and I don’t do it for days on end. I spent some time in the AA program many long years ago. What gets people into the AA program is that the alcohol has caused them to hurt worse than they can stand to hurt. Everyone in the program has a history of things like wife abuse, waking up in jail and having no memory of what you did to get there, getting fired from jobs, destroyed relationships, etc. We all share those kinds of experiences. It’s a strong bond - kind of like the bonds of fellow sz’s. I’m not going to try to say if you’re an alcoholic or not. If it starts to hurt you worse than you can stand to be hurt, you’ll probably end up in the AA program.

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You’re more hardcore than me. My record is 16 or so beers a night.

ok an alcoholic isn’t just a homless person on a park bench addiction comes in all creeds and all classes.
I had a lawyer once who when she picked up her bag a bottle of wine fell out.
schizophrenics are something like 60 per cent more likely to suffer from addiction.
its not about whoa that’s baaad im not like that itd the having to have something in the first place if your not an alcoholic why do you need to drink at all?

I’m definitely addicted to caffeine. I only drink beer when I’m around other people who are drinking. Typically cut myself off after 8 or 9 beers, I don’t really even get that drunk just a little sleepy. Occasionally I get a buzz. Alcoholism is tough for me to wrap my head around, that ■■■■ is pretty vile and it’s not really that fun. Waking up drunk is pretty enjoyable, but I have to drink exorbitant amounts for that to happen. Like once or twice a year maybe.

Bryan, just like you I am also addicted to caffeine. Here is my desk. The beer is from lastnight.

I’d be afraid of spilling something on my computer. Anyways realizing you probably have a problem is the first step. Maybe you should quit drinking for a while just to prove you have it under control. One thing that keeps me from drinking is that I often have to drive home at the end of the night. Driving drunk is a deterrent for me. It rarely works out that I actually get drunk as I have to plan to sleep on a couch or something. Thanks god alcohol does nothing to me to make me more psychotic. Same goes for caffeine and nicotine. I’d be bored as hell without those three things. You smoke cigs man?

Yes, I make my own cigs. I smoke American Spirits.

Yeah how could you be addicted to caffeine and alcohol without nicotine that’s take some real willpower. Well good luck. I’d just say do what makes you happy. We all get cancer and die unless we lose our lives in some more tragic and immediate way.

I’ve been sober for 22 years and counting in AA. Still attend a few meetings per month as time permits. Would recommend to those who think they may have a problem that they go to an open meeting and listen to a few stories, see if anything connects. While you get the occasional ‘pushy’ group, most are low-key and won’t jump on your back the moment you show up.

Plz feel free to PM me if you need help finding info or meetings in your area.



I had to go into alcohol detox when I was 19. Had a racing heart and insomnia. Not something I’d like to repeat. I’m with @crimby, ever since being on Haldol (which I’m still on), I’ve had a lower tolerance for alcohol.

You may not be an alcoholic now but you may be headed there. You don’t want to be an alcoholic. Once you cross that line into alcoholism there’s no going back. If you feel you are headed for alcoholism then you may want to do something about it before it happens. I never drank alcoholically, but I got addicted to crack. I got clean in 1990 in AA. I’ve met hundreds of alcoholics in AA meetings, I’ve heard their stories.The life of a practicing alcoholic is not a fun one. You may want to stop and take a good hard look at your situation with alcohol. Is having some fun while drinking worth wrecking your life over?

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I’m a sober alcoholic. I used to binge drink. I had periods of heavy drinking and sober in between. I also used morphine. I’m clean and sober since 2010.

When I was younger, round 18-20 years old, I drank heavily. About every day. I was drunk in school. I could drink a bottle of vodka in one evening. I drank 10 beers without blinking. I had a drinking competition with mom’s friend. A huge man. I won and had to help him go home. But my bile and liver started acting up when I was 23. I had to stop drinking regularly. That’s when I found morphine.

I’m 37 now. And I don’t feel I need alcohol at all anymore. Nor morphine.