Poll; Who here drinks alcohol? Not encouraging it, just curious

  • I drink one or two socially/on weekends/not every night
  • I drink a couple drinks regulary
  • I drink a few drinks regularly
  • I drink a lot regularly
  • I am drunk right now

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I just had a 24oz Colt 45, which is rare, but I feel like I deserved it. Even my psychiatrist said that a little is okay but drunk is just hell no. It’s making me chill…seems to be helping with the symptoms too.

But drinking a lot is bad, even for normal people that is not okay. It causes a myriad of health problems and works against our medications in higher doses. One is usually fine if you are just on an atypical AP. If youre on a handful of meds think again. If you are on a typical neuroleptic think like three times and ask your doctor…lol

Alcohol doesn’t effect my bs.
Same psychosis, just drunk.

Drinking until an emotional black out is a bad idea. Anything before that it’s alright. No reason a sz should be deprived of that right. We are human.

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No poll option for non-drinkers, eh?


I don’t drink buckaroo. It makes me go to jail and loose/break my phone. Amongst other horrible nonsense.

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Im not really drinking anymore after 25 yrs ive finally lost my appetite ,I guess thats the first stage of cirrhosis, it really hurts too so I guess that I might have a ulcer.

Its strange not having a appetite because my stomach still rumbles but I don’t have that empty feeling .

From what I understand once cirrhosis starts thats it its only a matter of time.

This is what I’ve been waiting for.

It works out great though because the cultist in this small town said that I cant enter any of the grocery stores,they don’t like me because im not like them.

Everything is moving right along.

Geeze where the hell do you live? Is it in the U.S?

Yes, I drink either wine or beer. I have been taking it easy on the beer lately. I’ll have max 5 beers if I can help it. My strategy is not to drink before 11 PM so I end up drinking less.


Move here to Minnesota, it’s close. And if your medicated the people seem normal.

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Thanks for the envite I just may do that but im going to check denver first as they have lots of entry level jobs now.

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I prefer California. You are more protected from medical monitoring and the like.

Here they can’t force drug you unless you’ve had multiple violent felonies. My sibling called me right after posting that. Coincidence? Probably not. They probably want me to buy pot from them. They think it makes me more “normal.” More like more easy to manipulate!

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I also want to check out the NAMI branch in Denver.

Truth be told I think the world is ending and the bible says that when you see the signs “run for the mountains” .

I know that im crazy but I believe that denver airport conspiracy,and if thats where the rich knowledgable people are going at the end so am I.

It might have been helpful to have the option (“no alcohol for me”) option for those in the forum who don’t drink at all.


No alcohol for me thanks… I don’t want to go back to those years…

I don’t know why… but the men in my family are angry/ abusive/ suicidal drunks… never happy relaxed drunks. I can’t stop at one… (full bottle) ever. With as much as I used to drink… I’m surprised I still have a liver.

I was a terrible person on alcohol… the worst of all deep hate would spew forth when I drank…

Yes, it would have shown that people like us actually exist.

One big complaint or fear from people who are contemplating quitting alcohol or drugs is that they won’t be able to have fun without drugs or alcohol. After being around alcoholics and drug addicts for 25 years (though not lately) I can safely say that I know it is very possible to have fun without being drunk or high. Meetings themselves can be entertaining. But alcoholics still go parties ski, play pool, do sports, go to dances. There’s a million things that are fun to do without drugs and alcohol. I just thought I would throw this in here.

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i drink and i enjoy it

I average out to less than 1 unit a week.