How many of you have IQ higher than 130

On one test it was 145 and on another 160


wow… that’s high IQ…


Holy crap !!! You are a smarty pants!!

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Yes, I have a high IQ, but I don’t think clearly anymore so it translates to nothing


yea true… but it’s still cool though.

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Do simple delusions mean you’re low IQ?

No, they dont mean you’re low iq

I understand the feeling. I still love to study things just as a hobby.

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What does it mean then

Me too, but my memory and thinking aren’t good at all anymore

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Nothing. There’s no special significance or signs based on how detailed and complex your delusions are


In fact, my pdoc said most delusions are basic and not complex

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What about bizarre delusions? Do those have to do with iq


The True, Honest Question Should Be…,

Does The Creator Of The IQ Test Hold The Highest IQ Imaginable (???).

HMM… . …

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. There Was A Television In The Stream Swimming In The Ocean Of Static. . . . . . .

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Ted Kazynski supposedly had an iq of 167
And Edmund Kemper had an iq of 145
and look how they turned out. So maybe iq tests are a little overrated.


That’s Strange. . .

And Slightly Unusual. . .

Kinda Odd. . .

Maybe Negatively Fanatical (???).

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. There Was A Plate Of Dinner On The Mountain As The Volcano Erupted. . . . . . .

mez iq is under 70 innit

You seem very articulate though

IQ isn’t that importent . Certainly it isn’t for me

yeah as long as u get the help needed