How many of you have gone 10 years without symptoms?

How many people make it 10 years without symptoms? (although I did experience slight mania symptoms so i guess what i mean is how many people go for say, 10 years, without psychotic symptoms. For me it’s been five so far and hoping to make that 10.


I can go 10 minutes without symptoms at this point… beyond that actually. My mind just doesn’t know what to do all the time though, I get bored then start entertaining the delusions and then get symptomatic, then pull myself out of it… The normals are lucky they have such clarity in their life.


So far I’m going on 7 years without any symptoms.


I will probably never be free of all symptoms. But I can accept that I am ok with it

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I certainly can’t say that but I would love to. I think I would be happy to have some mania for a change but I have never had any. Is that a bad feeling too?

I once went 10 days. :smiley:

But it seems like there is always something… always some little piece of my brain that just needs to act up… or shut down.

Congratulations on going so long with this under control. It’s nice to hear that there is hope of some internal long term peace and quiet.


Thanks I can’t say it’s been easy. I am schizoaffective mixed type. I was a mess when I tried to reduce meds with consent and ended up with a mixed episode. I was not happy I ended up depressed and anxious than I have ever been. Now I don’t no what mania is like on it’s own but that was the worst feeling i ever went through

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I was generally very stable around 2001 - 2008 but still had some symptoms. Was one trial off meds and one trial reduced meds during that time both where complete failures Also talking my pdoc and tdoc suggested that I see how I go off them or be reduced. So not just me saying I’d do better without them.

There was anther med reduction after that 2013ish That happened my last hospitalization. My antidepressant was successfully reduced. Only by 50mg though. .

wow, good on you…i did not know. :smiley:
take care :alien:

Wow I haven’t even been having symptoms for ten years longest I go with out a little break in reality is like a week. I think early detection of symptoms even if it may not even be sz just psychosis is a very good thing maybe some day there will be technology out there that detects it early and teaches people how to live with it idk that would be my kind of future.

When I grow up I want to teach people how to live side by side with mental illness…

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I haven’t been severely ill for about 8 years now. I still get symptoms and I can feel my illness just out of mind like a tiger stalking in the darkness. I have to be very vigilant to keep that tiger at bay.

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I have been living 2 good years even though I had so symptoms in the middle of these years but it can still be cope.I would love to be symptoms Free for long so that I can not worry about schizophrenia and can concentrade on my life.Life as a schizophrenic is not easy but people with schizophrenia can still live a successfully life,accept your illness and you can deal with your symptoms easier if it appear