Longest youve gone without symptoms

Ive gone 2 years without a positive symptom


Tend to work it out on time not needed in hospital then symptoms. Since about a year and half now I’ve been pretty stable positive and negatives minus some anxiety.


Yeah I was hospitalized 5 times before I became stable.

Im lucky. What symptoms do you have?

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Pretty much none at the moment other then some anxiety but I’ve done a ■■■■ load of therapy as well.

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I dont remember the last time i had delusions…it was long time ago…15 years i guess…but i get these moments when i get scared of red cars sometimes in between…i get like that sometimes when i skip a med dose being forgetful and something triggers it…the color red just becomes scary…its not yet delusional but it tells me to continue to take my meds…

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I don’t know. Hear voices every day. I know they are voices though. But, still, that’s a symptom.

Probably a second. Best shape i’m in is when the positive symptoms are light so I just ignore them.

I dont know

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Recently, I’ve gone a few months without any psychotic symptoms. Although I’ve had mini mood swings. I’m never without symptoms, of one type or another, for long. Anxiety is a constant battle with me.

I just got on meds, but it’s probably been about 6 months now with no signs that any delusions are coming back.

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I’ve probably gone without symptoms for 2-3 months.

I think I’m on a pretty good symptom free streak for the last 2-3 months. Mostly symptom free, at least the severity is so low I don’t really count it as symptoms

I’ve always hot symptoms. Everyday. When I first got on haldol I didn’t hear voices for months but now it’s everyday.

like 6 months with quiet voices and no delusions its not no symptoms but I think its the closest I will be to no symptoms without being on a megadose

I don’t know I still have symptoms they just ease up and then come back.