Longest period of time w/out symptoms?


What is the longest period you’ve been free of symptoms after diagnosed? Were you on medication or off of it?


currently im at 4 weeks with no negatives , i havnt had that in like 2 years, ive ocassionaly heard voices this month nothing more.


Nice, I know keeping track may give power to your triggers. I’m hopeful in a break though.


I went into remission for five years and was off meds for that long. Then I relapsed and had to go back on meds two years ago.


Three seconds back in '85.


@Saadiqah What do you think was the catalyst of your remission? What do you think was the trigger that spawned a relapse?


The catalyst of my remission was feeling a purpose in life through a better relationship with God, and perhaps also the meds that worked. The trigger for my relapse was stress - I had moved out of my parents home, was studying and working, then got married all in the same year. The changes in my life were too much for me. Gotten used to the married life, but stressors keep popping up and my symptoms remain so I am staying on meds.


Yeah, changes in environment are triggers for a lot. Thanks for your share 5 years is awesome!


6 months, on meds.


I’m taking a Latuda / Seroquel mix and this past year has been my best.

But I’m not symptom free. There is always something. Only the sneaking brained thinking, the paranoia, the anxiety the voices, the other hallucinations… have all been popping up one at a time,… not all of them all the time like they used to.


1 year and 8 months with out symptoms.


when i was first diagnosed, after about three months inpatient, i was put on risperdal for maintenance. i can’t say i’ve ever been entirely symptom free, but i took that for several years and managed to finish university and obtain a doctorate whilst on it. that was my twenties though…my thirties were not so kind to me. not at all. i’ve never been as stable again or as treatment responsive (or as treatment compliant) as i was back then.


I went for almost a year with very low symptoms which snuck up on me again in an episode this semester, now I have rough mornings and a bit of a hard time getting to sleep. The mornings suck. My brain is messed up when I wake up, I used to sit and drink coffee before my morning meds but that had to stop, now I just eat and take all of my meds and do my best not to barf them up. My mornings are just off, my brain is not right when I wake up and neither is my mind for the most part. I wake up agitated and anxious yet sedated physically, a bit of hallucination and a bit more of delusions until my morning meds kick in.

I think my brain is still recovering from the episode. I feel fine once I digest my meds and a caffeine pill with breakfast. Just getting out of bed is really hard, eating is hard, not throwing up is hard, I have to choke down vomit if I just took my meds.

But yeah for almost a year I was fine and dandy, like above 90% symptom free and not vomiting. I would get diarrhea when I was anxious, now I gag and vomit instead for some reason. At one point in the summer, I was virtually recovered and on medication. I had no stress and just had fun all summer, save for getting kicked off a sports team, that was not a positive event.

TLDR: almost a year


I’ve been in remission of psychotic symptoms 4 1/2 years but not free of mental illness as I’ve had periods of mania and depression…


5 years out of hospital and on a new med and doing ok, idk about symptom free, maybe not completely but doing well enough anyway. just seems to be getting better as i go along i think (i hope) :wink:


sadly i don’t remember not having some mental illness.
take care :alien:


The longest i been symptom free was 1 hour 30 minutes


I have been mostly symptom free since January of 2013. I still have some off days due to stress and I have a problem with motivation when I’m sick. I used to get voices randomly.


44 years without symptoms

5 months ago I asked to see their words and a couple days later I started to be able to read their words in my mind, and then as I practiced more and more I could get them to talk in my higher mind. I hear and talk to them every day and find that it does not bother me. I have to admit the reason I am intrigued with this site is that the voices I speak to are not discarnate in any way and I do not fear them or anything in life. I am curious to find out the different ways they connect with others. If I come off with misunderstanding or bias it is because I also do not understand schizophrenia or paranoia or drugs they put you on or the voices you speak to.



3 years without symptoms. No meds.