How many of you have access


How many of y’all have access to firearms? Do you ever go camping with it or just practice at the range? Are the mentally ill not supposed to have weapons? I’d like to go hunting again with my friends, but I’m afraid of guns now.


Gins equal murder.



and guns too.




with a (U)


We eat the deer. It’s quite good.


Deer are innocent creatures.

Dontcha know (???)


They can be food too.


So can cockroaches.


I don’t like cockroaches. I love deer meat. Quail. Turkey. Don’t you like meat?


The short answer to thus untimely question is thus.

Turkey tastes good.

But i’d rather talk to him/her.


Lol you must,be from the south, I’m in TN… Guns are a sensitive subject around here…

I would recommend that if you go hunting, go with friends and use their guns… I would not recommend owning your own guns and storing them where you have easy access just because you don’t want that temptation on your bad days


What a coincidence I’m in TN…lol yeah I don’t own one myself. They got taken from me.


And no I do not have firearms…


Where in tn are you? I’m in Knoxville


I do have a bow and throwing knives.


What does one throw a knife at?.


I’m close to Manchester where Bonnaroo is held.


A wooden stump 151515


They use throwing knifes for small animals to hunt…


Evil trees.

That’s why i smoke and schools exist.

Evil trees.


I went to an indoor range years ago with my family. It was just for handguns; you could rent guns there or bring your own. It was fun. I didn’t announce I had schizophrenia and no one asked. The only bad thing was that ammunition was expensive and it got used up fast. I only went twice but I wouldn’t mind going again.