How many of you have access


Hell no. No guns anywhere I live, or I move. If I had access to them during certain points in my psychosis I would have been dangerous. I avoid firearms and people who own them at all times.


I suppose it’s for the best then. I guess my shooting days are over.


That’s cool, makes you the closest fellow schizophrenic I’ve found. (Exluding work, where I can’t say anything) I come through Cookeville and Murfreesboro occasionally. My family is north of you at the Kentucky border


Use your bow and arrows, more challenging to hunt and harder to kill yourself


Elliot smith killed himself with a knife, i do believe.


Really? That’s neat. I haven’t really told anyone but family and a couple friends about my condition. Oh I know that drive through Cookeville. Got family out there.


Yeah my family don’t know either, just a few friends


Right in thee ole heart tart start shazz dazzle and shuzz (!!!)


Can’t avoid all weapons


Yeah, they do make commiting su much harder during psychosis.


So you got an option if you want to hunt lol


I don’t at present. We used to have a .22 for varmint control on the farm, licensed to my wife, used occasionally by me as I’m the better shot, but legally under her supervision. Stored in accordance with regs.

I own a large number of bows and coached archery up until this year. Only do target shooting, no interest in hunting.

Well, “gin” is murder on my liver!

If you meant guns, never shot at anyone in a decade. I must have more self-control than you.



Yeah. I’m good with throwing knives and bow. Have caught plenty of critters up on the trees. Squirrel is good meat. Had plenty of those last time I was out huntin’. I just want to get back out these and interact with nature again. Go fishing too. Ya know?


Ooooooh. You just had to go there.



Oh sorry MrSquirrel :rofl: I’m starving


I’m not a hunting kind of girl myself, but I know plenty enough so I can relate. For years before my dx I lived at night and didn’t do anything outside due to immense pain from sunlight hallucinations…
Used to go caving, miss that. Fishing I done only rarely with family…


Lol that is to funny, poor my squirrel


My cousin’s say the good outdoors will straighten you out…lol that’s what they say anyway.


If it does, I haven’t found it yet


Right? I love goin’ on long walks through the woods near Normandy lake and just take a breather. Let my senses have a break. But don’t catch me during a psychotic episode. I start chasing wild chicken that apparently aren’t real. I try to enjoy it while I can anyway.