How many of you have a part-time or full-time jobs? (question for Americans)

I was just wondering how many of people who live in United States who have schizophrenia work ? I am trying to find a job now since i am in a remission but today for example i was denied when i applied for a receptionist position. How difficult is it for you to find a job?

I’ve been working full-time for many years. I work as a special education assistant and it’s six hours per day. I do not volunteer my diagnosis. But even if I did I believe it’s unlawful to deny employment based on a medical condition?


It is but I hear they will deny you anyway if you bring it up. Or fire you if you’re already working.

Every job I’ve had the interviews were filled with my lies. Omitting past jobs that were disasters. Lying about my life. Trying to seem as normal as possible. Completely made up reasons to explain gaps in employment, that make me seem like a better person instead of a crazier person. There is probably no way on earth I would have had any of my jobs if I hadn’t mastered being someone else for 30 minutes.

Turnip, do you work now?

No not since my short stint at a gas station some months ago. I haven’t been trying to get a job since then, though, just been playing with meds.

I haven’t worked since 1998. When Social Security runs dry, I’m going to be shat outta luck because I will be too outdated and broken beyond repair to work.

Csummers, how old are you now? Have you tried looking for jobs or have you been denied too many times that you stopped looking?

I work full time at a professional job. My whole professional career was been since I became ill in 1986. Had a few short breaks for hospitalization, to return to college to finish my degree and was laid off for about 3 months.

I also worked temporary factory jobs before I was diagnosed but well on my way. That was the worst, it was noisy and disorienting, but the good things were the variety and you didn’t have to deal with office politics so much because you were temporary.

Well, I’ve told a few people at work, but I’m not generally open about my diagnosis. I do fear getting fired. Potential employers are not allowed to ask, so it’s a don’t ask don’t tell situation. Just be right for the job, and when you do get the job be really reliable and do your best! :blush:

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im volunteering a very little bit now but i used to work part time low paying jobs to be able to keep my medicine affordable… and i never was good at full time even before i was declared disabled

I hid my diagnosis for years and it confused people as to why I didn’t work for pay and was living with my parents. (For the first several years the disabled were not allowed to work) I worked over a decade before going to school than chose to quit once I realized the public transportation system in my town would not enable me to hold down a job in the long term which is significant because I can’t drive. So there you have it.

I’m 51.
I had one official job that lasted for 13 years, and was responsible for the entire shop (absentee owners).
I never liked the idea of being the boss/manager, having to deal with all the lazy back-stabbing employees and horrible customers.
It was part of the formula responsible for me blowing a fuse and being hospitalized.
The industry has changed so much since I worked I doubt I could figure it all out. I mean, we had a rotary telephone (ask yer grandma what that is) and a clock as the only electrical things, we even had to count change back in our head.

I don’t have either and I worry about my future without one. I’m high functioning so I probably won’t get my SSD renewed. Although I am having trouble getting back in school and making money. I also get very anxious around other people, especially in a work environment and I am very easily upset.