Who here currently has a job? Yes and No replies

I’m trying to create sort of a poll for my recovery purposes.

Granted, I have made some major improvements lately, but I still suffer from severe paranoia, delusions, and debilitating negative symptoms.

My friend has been pressuring me to rejoin the workforce, even though I’m clearly not ready.

So I’d like to gain some evidence on just how common it is for struggling schizophrenics to have a job.

Any and all replies are welcome!



I have been at my part-time janitor job for about 3 1/2 years. I struggle daily in a lot of aspects of life. In a lot of ways I like my job. It’s predictable, not too hard physically and it pays good (for me). I am surrounded by office workers but I work on my own. Our 15 minute breaks almost always turn into half-hour breaks, and our half
hour lunch break almost always turns into an hour.There are coke machines placed around the building where I can stop and chug a quick soda a couple times during the day. I am not required to talk much which is a big plus. We get in by 7:00 am and we are scheduled to work until 3:00 pm but we usually get off around 2:30 pm. I have worked almost steadily since 1983, albeit mostly part-time. Sorry to hear about your symptoms, I find that my symptoms are not as severe at work, maybe because I am concentrating more on doing my tasks than being introspective.I guess it takes my mind off myself and my problems. I still have the symptoms and it’s not easy and I put up with other people bothering me, but I would miss being employed if that ever happens.


I haven’t worked since Dec of 2002. I have been on SSDI since 2003. I have SZA and fibromyalgia. Before that I worked in various bio labs and green houses and college for 10 or so years. I was quite a struggle at times. The biggest problem I had was with delusions and paranoia.


I’m so sorry to hear about your conditions. I know that fibromyalgia is a terribly painful condition, that can be disabling in itself. I hope you’re getting some good treatment for it and getting some pain relief.



Yes, I’ve had this specific job as a gardener with the parks dept. for almost three years. I got on with a parks and rec originally as a janitor through an out patient program.

You have been healing fast and doing a lot of great stuff, I totally understand your wish to take it slow and not set yourself back from all the forward progress you’ve made. I hope an answer comes your way if you want to get back into the work force.

With all your knowledge… and your personal experience, have you thought of trying to write a family manual or help book? I’ve read a lot of horrid ones out there… Just by the amazing advice you have here… I bet your book would be really good. You know both sides of the coin.

Just how my brain likes to race. But I do think you’d be able to write a really good book that could help both families and patients.

Thank you radmedtech! Not much relief. This winter I have been in a flare for about 3 months now. I take Tylenol, ibuprofen, gabapentin and flexeril for the pain. It can cut the pain at times by about a third. Any relief is better than none. Thank you for asking!


I have a half time job. I’m quite certain I hold the job duties good enough.

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I am only had mid school education,I work for my parent,it is a very simple job,but for me still feel a little stress,I hope I can function higher and feel less stress and more happy during work,but at least I already had 7 years of working experience,although I only learn little because of my illness

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No. I’ve never worked since my illness began at age 11. Negative symptoms and problems with people. I think about getting my writing into gear but so far have not.


I haven’t worked since I tried to commit suicide in 2001. Then it was just depression. I applied for SSDI, but got turned down and didn’t appeal it. Then in 2010 I was involuntarily committed with psychosis. I eventually reapplied to Soc. Sec. and got SSI on appeal. Although I am still not working now, I am going to school. I think school is much less stressful than work would be. Also, it’s many fewer hours than a full time job. If I was made to drop out of school and go to work right now, I think I might become suicidal again.

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Yes I work full time but it’s basically data entry. It is extremely boring. But have managed to stick this out for six months. It’s a temp job. I work for the National Health Service (NHS) through an agency.

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Yes. I work at a drive thru window thanks to vocational rehab. Imagine forcing someone with sz to work fast, put on a head set where you actually do hear voices all day. :wink:


I have not had a job for most of my adult life. And I’m too old to start now. I have enough trouble taking care of myself and my pets.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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Nope. I worked while psychotic at a furniture store, in the back unloading the truck and assembling furniture and opening tons of boxes. I worked hard and just minded my own business. I quit before college, now I study and go to class many fewer hours per week than a person in the work force and I have plenty of free time. I have scholarships covering my tuition, so school is free for me, so I dont really think about it, I just do it, it’s free, that’s what I tell myself…like who wouldnt take a free bachelor’s degree?

No. I haven’t worked in years. When I did I was very stressed out and always situations would come up that would make me feel uncomfortable. I am a danger in the workplace and shouldn’t be allowed to work anywhere.

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Never worked though i attribute that more to severe social anxiety and social interaction difficulties than the primary diagnoses of schizophrenia/schizoaffective/ personality disorder nos/paranoid pd that i have had.


Have to have 20 characters hmmmmmmm is this ok?

I work for a friend part time logging when I can, which hasn’t been much lately.

i’m not employed at the moment. i have been bar maid, assistant manager of a public house, colour technician, fairway cutter, waitress, trainee realtor, receptionist, carer and in time share sales. i like the money earned from working but i don’t think i could handle it now. i have enough trouble trying to run a house and look after my kids. i don’t do a very good job of either so i’d probably get fired from a job.

I am employed. I work for my dad a few hours a week. I’m also finishing my bachelor’s degree.

When I was psychotic I worked up until 2 months before being hospitalized. It was a retail job that I’d had for about 3 years. I did pretty well there, my glassy eyed stare came in handy when trying to get credit card applications.