How many of you get visual distortions when unwell / do you think it's a warning sign?

I’m talking slightly brighter more sparkly colours and see through lines
Do you get it often ? Do you get it before relapsing ? What to do now x? Big stress coming weeks!

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I have tons of visual pop-ups in my mind’s peripheral, though do not suffer anything with my actual “first-person” eye-sight.

When hallucinations start to pop-in, I am usually well beyond relaxed, though. It’s not an indicator of a future stressor, but often an indicator that I am in my most relaxed possible state. Perhaps it’s just the brain fixing things at the subatomic, quantum, or cellular levels.

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Have you had this happen to you before?

Something to consider:

Warning Signs of a Schizophrenia Relapse

Some schizophrenia relapses occur without warning, but when early signs are present, they’re usually a return of symptoms that have occurred in the past.

Common warning signs of a schizophrenia relapse include insomnia, social withdrawal, difficulty concentrating, irritability, loss of interest, increasing paranoia, and hallucinations. Knowing these symptoms is important, but knowing the symptoms that are specific to each person with schizophrenia — called “relapse signatures” — is more important. Up to 70 percent of people with schizophrenia will experience these early symptoms before a full relapse sets in.

“These warning symptoms can be very specific," says Michael T. Compton, MD, MPH, chairman of psychiatry at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “For one person, it may be insomnia or worries about the neighbors. For another person, it may be irritability or hearing whispers.” In fact, warning signs may be as specific as avoiding a certain food or color, Dr. Frangou says.

That’s why it’s important to know the symptoms of previous episodes and to watch for them. "The first sign of a relapse is repeating symptoms of a previous episode,” Frangou says.


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YES… the lights get too bright… there is pulsating of the light in the corners… vision starts to get hypersensitive… colors get oddly intense… or wrong.

it’s very much a warning sign…

If I ignore that … then it’s the hearing that gets hypersensitive next…

Then the tactile hallucinations… then it goes back to visual… only then it’s visual hallucinations…

It’s usually over tired and stress triggered… or mentally exhausted… I need meds and bed… and quiet to get back to level.

I’m sorry this is hitting you and I hope you feel better soon.


I constantly have visuals. Walls/floor breathing, objects swelling and then shrinking, shadow people in my peripheral, patterns in fabrics swirling and moving.

It gets worse when I haven’t had much sleep or skip meds.

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When I’m manic everything seems way brighter and too colorful and everything is overstimualting. When I’m in a depressive episode it’s the opposite and everything seems hideously ugly.

So weird how mental state effects perception.


Thanks to all

Yes after that came the thinking and the mental imagery

Trying to take enough meds to counter

I get that with euphoric moods. Intense colors. Angles on everything are crisp.
Other times objects look too big or too small.

One of my tells that psychosis could be rearing it’s head is when in my minds eye shows me images when I have my eyes open.
Example. I see some strange or creepy figure that runs up the stairs and right through me. That’s happened before. It’s freaking weird. It’s like a random intrusive image that feels real

I have enough insight to know it’s just my head going wonky though.