How many of you are looking forward to days of leftovers?


I am blessed this holiday for Thanksgiving and we are making a big meal for just the two of us so there will be lots of leftovers. My favorite part about the holiday, the leftovers. haha…anybody look forward to leftovers after Thanksgiving or am I just a hoggie?


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I love leftovers – just have to beat the teenager to them. Traveling stomach, that one.



The day after sandwich is my favorite.

Yeah… I’m into the left overs too…


we’re in the days off left overs because we’re trying to make room for the turkey to sit and thaw out the next few days before we have to cook it…:


I like to make lots of dumplings all at once and then put them in a plastic bag and freeze them in the fridge for next week. If you call this frozen dumplings leftovers (-:


I love leftovers too especially honey baked ham sandwiches… Yum!!!


candied sweet potatoes, dressing with gravy. Lotsa turkey, manure, Sister Schubert’s rolls (no one wants to make them anymore), Mac and cheese, cranberry bread with cream cheese, Jam cake with caramel icing. Store bought egg nog with a little dark rum…


Nothing better than turkey, dressing and cranberry sandwich…Mmmmmmm.
You are far from alone, Jukebox!


I am not crazy about turkey - its a bit dry for my taste, but I think we are going traditional this year and having turkey.
Its only the 3 of us, so I dont know if we will have leftovers but I am looking forward to eating some mashed potatoes with gravy


@pob why did you have to go and throw “manure” in with your meal? haha…what’s with the manure???


A broccoli + carrot casserole - in my brother’s family there are broccoli casserole and manure - two different recipes.


you are cracking me up @pob


No leftovers here. I cooked a turkey around two weeks ago and had them then. I’m getting a meal from a local church. Won’t have to cook, which is good cause I’m moving the day after Thanksgiving.


you’re like me @Malvok I wanted to have turkey early too but my girlfriend made me wait…haha…are you moving in with your woman?


Nope, I’m going into a residential program. I want more structure. When my girlfriend finishes college we’ll be looking into the future but for now it’s a long distance relationship. The good thing is that I’ll be saving a lot of money by moving into the new place, so I can fly her out here more often. :smile:


Yep…there will be many turkey sandwiches to be had.

Ours will be a small gathering, just myself, my parents, my sister and my niece so there will be leftovers aplenty.


I’m going to take ALL the leftovers from home back with me to school!! WAHAHAHA free food, yes lord. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that.