How many of you are going to remain child free?

I want to remain childfree for many reasons. Mainly i dont think i could cope with having a child and the fact that there is a high chance they could develop schizophrenia. I have toyed with the idea in the past but i always go back to the same conclusion.


I am still not sure.

I adore and love children…

but the same reasons like yours - are stopping me.
I am stable for five years, my pdoc has a hope that I will never be pscyhotic again. (if I stay on meds) or maybe even will try to quit meds someday.

But overall… it’s really highly genetic. Also, what if I will have postpartum depression and then pscyhosis will come back again?

So, I fear having kids… but my childhood dream was to have 3 kids as a grown adult.
Now, I believe best would be lessen the number of possible kids. Maybe 1-2. But yeah, again, I am not sure what to do.

I don’t want to be the unstable mother. Or psychotic overall. I hope in several years I will know the answer.

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i don t want kids with my wife because my disease seems to be genetic( major depression ,sz affective )

I had my tubes tied when I was 22 and still childless. I had the most permanent technique done of the three choices presented.

I don’t hate kids. But I have never wanted to be a mother.

Except to cats. A few cats over the years. :wink:


Me :100::100::100:


Yes it’s hard enough looking after myself


I Hope it is okay that I write in this topic eventhough I’m not child free. I had my son when I was 25 and then got sick with the schizophrenia. If I had been sick before, I would have been child free, because I don’t want to risk passing the schizophrenia on to a child. My son is 13 now, and luckily he is still well. But the risk of him developing schizophrenia is one of my biggest fears and concerns.


I’m 53 now, and child free. I have enough trouble looking after myself. Not having children was the best decision I made.

I would have been a terrible father. I could also have passed on schizophrenia to my children.


I am child free.

Sort of.

I had a baby when I was 28.

We made friends with a great couple looking adopt and they adopted him from birth.

We talk every few weeks and see each other at least annually.

Sometimes more.

But I don’t raise children mostly because I like my life.

I enjoy waking up and not having to worry about anyone else.

When you have children, you give them a very part of your soul.

I feel that loss,

But it’s not the burden it is for most parents.

I’m grateful for that.


Got a 22 year old i dont see. Thought about more, but im too old now. And hardly can find a stable woman anyway.

If the relationship was right, i would take on another womans kids tho, as a step dad. But even that for me, is unlikely.

Ive always had a guilt anyway, that my genes gave my little girl Autism. No facts to back it up.

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Not me. It keeps coming home from university on the weekends to mooch food and raid my wallet.



i can take care of myself in a survival sense, financially not so much. once i have some type of income things will be better, but i am far from feeling comfortable enough to want a child or even want to date anybody

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I am a child. One is enough.


Thats part of being a parent lol. Wish my little one would ask me for money lol. - I would feel wanted :frowning:

Obviously i would spoil her rotten.


I am child free but not by choice…I almost had a child when I was in my twenties but the woman didn’t want the child…was a step dad for a while…he hated me…oh well…better off child free.


How old is your daughter now Naarai?


Shes 22, on March 19th next year. Bless her little heart. This Daddy misses her terribly :frowning:


Oh I’m so sorry that you’re not in contact. That is very hard. I got divorced and lost custody when my son was 5.


It’s complicated

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Heres my Beautiful Ladies. Few years old x