Are you planning on remaining child-free?

Do you find yourself weighing up if you ever could? How are you with responsibility ? Do you crumble and get ill at crucial responsible times?

Have you had long term remission? And does it count for anything having found without andoubt your perfect antipsychotic?

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Sometimes I wonder about it. I’m 55, and I’ve never had children. It’s looking like I’m not going to. I’m not crushed by that, though. I think I would have been a great parent, but it just didn’t work out.

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Did you find yourself making a choice?

I’m 41 and never had a serious relationship, much less children. I’m not really into the whole kid thing so I probably won’t ever have any. I think one should have kids young if they are going to.

I’ve made a choice not to now that I’m 55. I didn’t think much about it when I was young. I like kids, but I never made any plans to have any.

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I am 52 and have no children. I had a step son there for a while but no longer. I don’t plan on bringing children into the world because for one my girlfriend can’t have kids and I would not want them if she could. She already has a son. long story. anyways. I wouldn’t want to be an old guy dad because the child wouldn’t have me into his/her later years of their life.

Thinking of having a child gives me great joy. But there’s the guilt.

I have a child but don’t won’t to have anymore due to my illness.


Sometimes I think about this. I really want kids, not that many, just two (maybe three if I think I can handle it). Out of the 5 other kids in my family, only me and my youngest brother seem to have gotten the psychosis. (And I can’t even confirm if he has it or not, all I’ve noticed is he has the same constant fearfulness I did as a kid, who knows if he’s experiencing all the rest of it) If any of my other siblings got it they haven’t shown it at all. I really wonder which one of my parents passed the crazy gene onto us…we don’t talk about mental illness in my family, it’s all hushed up so I’ll never know who had it. Heck, whoever had it probably hides (or hid) it the same as we try to do.

Maybe I’ll get one of those genetic tests done to see how at risk my kids would be. They’re supposed to be a lot cheaper nowadays if you’re only looking for a specific gene or genes.

I’m not planning on remaining child free. I’m not really child free right now. I feel there will be kids in my life.

Right now… Nieces and nephews, my favorite cousins are having kids There are a lot of kids in my life.

Whether I get to adopt or if a child comes into my life naturally since my GF is neurotypical… I have a feeling that there will be children in my life.

If not… then I will happily try to be a positive influence on my nieces and nephews.


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I’m not sure if I want kids. Sometimes, I think I would be a great parent, but other times I’d feel I’d fail my possible future kids. Also, I’d hate the thought of passing schizophrenia onto them. Even the thought of it makes me sad.

I would never subject my own child to this place and these horrible bodies.

There would have to be something very drastic that would happen as a consequence if i didn’t have any. Like in hunter gatherer societies, if they didn’t have team work they faced a torturous death, so maybe in a situation like that.

But there are to many as is and nothing works right and i sure as hell don’t want them murdered in a war or anything.

Nope, not having kids.

It would always be in my mind. What is going to kill my child.

I have a beautiful and loving dog - this is enough responsibility for me

What is neurotypical?

No I don’t awnt kids. Id have to have the girl forst in any case. It would be ahrd tp have a kid in the first place with out one that is.

I really hate the term… “normie” It’s been said with depths of hate. I don’t hate people who are not SZ… So I went looking for something else… a different word.

neurologically typical, is a term coined in the autistic community as a label for people who are not on the autism spectrum.[1] However, the term eventually became used for anyone who does not have atypical neurology: in other words, anyone who does not have autism, dyslexia, developmental coordination disorder, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADD/ADHD, or other similar conditions.

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Let’s just say that my deciding to go child free would be a HUGE shock to my daughter. I think she is used to living here with us by now.



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no no little ones THANK THE LORD. I don’t want to be woken up t 6am everyday id be bored more than id love them. plus who wants to subject this world on kids.