How many of us do not have children?

Curious how many of us do not have children.

I am glad I do not but it does make a difference in relationships.

I don’t have much to talk about to my family or friends.

I am 41.


I dont have children, i am just afraid i will transfor these genes to my children, i am suffering enough.

I don’t have kids and really don’t want any. The sz gene is just one more reason not to.

I feel the same way about having children and passing the bad genes.

My mom had schizophrenia and probably passed down that gene to me.

As far as I’m concerned, the illness will stop with me. No more suffering.

I have a dog that I’ve cared for for 11 years. So he’s enough for me to take care of.



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my wife and i had decided that we could pass on to many negative genes from both sides , it would not be fair.
take care

No kids of my own, 2 grown step-children, and 6 indoor cats +one extra kitty friend for the weekend (think of it as a kitty play time).

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Are they following my family around or something? What gene?

A voice said to me “you know, schizophrenics smell things that aren’t there” when i was young and i smelled the lunch cooking on the playground, i also sleptwalk some. I went around the house turning on every light they told me saying “they are coming. they are coming.”

I have no schizophrenia gene, unless my genes make me a target that is, but that would be like blaming the color of one’s skin for getting attacked by a racist, it’s not the skin it’s the racist.

Do i sound paranoid? Well im not, my words are very founded, i wish that i could show people.

But no, no children at all, i think people should have as few as they can actually. Let’s face it, if you asked your child before hand if they wanted to be here and do this they would just say no, and that goes for everyone, not just schizophrenics.

My sister has bipolar disorder and I have schizophrenia, so my parents tell me i shouldnt have kids. I would like a son but ■■■■ it, he would probably be schizophrenic like me. You see, i am the fourth of my name in a row, so I feel obligated to keep my family name alive. I am the only male who can carry our family tree, or the tree ends with me.

No kids and don’t care. But I shared my sisters condo with her and my two nephews for five years in the nineties when I was in my thirties. My youngest nephew was two years old when I moved in and I used to babysit him. Amazingly, we got along OK. My other nephew was in high school and very annoying and obnoxious but not a bad kid. He’s married now and has a good job. He just bought house. I will see him this Saturday when my family celebrates Christmas.

I think I have Aspergers, not Schizophrenia, but either way I am not currently planning on having children. I’m a bit panicked that I might be pregnant, but I don’t think I am. If I do have a child, the problem is that I’m still living at home and my parents don’t support it because they want me to be more responsible when I do plan it. I’ve been pregnant before, and it didn’t turn out well because I had an abortion. It was painful and I don’t think I’ll have another one if I get pregnant again. I’ve only been pregnant once, and I’m 24 almost 25. I have to be careful. I don’t know if I would pass on any problems, but I don’t think I will. I like to think I won’t the problem is my boyfriend then and still is, diagnosed with a condition the same as mine so it would be a risk. On the flip side my boyfriend is very smart, and I think I would have a very intuitive beautiful intelligent son or daughter.

I’ve gotten a lot of flack for this in the past when I’ve said it, but I would LOVE to have kids. Maybe that’s selfish of me. I know there is always a lot of talk of the bad genes. My Mom and Dad are not SZ, but I am. I have an Uncle who is SZ and he has an older son who isn’t.

But I would really love to raise a kid again. If I never have that chance for a daughter or son of my own, well, I am closest to my youngest brother and of course my kid sis. So I’ll be patiently waiting and looking forward to being the best Uncle in town.


I don’t intend to have kids. My ancestors used to be landlords and officials in the bureaucracy of the old society they say. They walked down the social ladders and suffered a lot. My grandparents were intellectuals. Every of their nine children became iliterate. They have crazy life struggles and bloody conflicts and wars in the family and the society. I cannot imagine what is passing on in our genetics. I tend to believe that the patterns of their thoughts, emotions, struggles and the stress they have gone through are recorded in every bits of our genes. I want to extinct my bloodline.

No kids for me. I was never emotionally ready.

I would like to share an article but my laptop isn’t working, it talks about creativity and schizophrenia, there is a big chance that your children might become highly intelligent and highly creative, because there is a study relates the genes of highly creativity and schizophrenia together.
On a second thought I think that not all the people who have SZ are suffering, I think there are people who are blessed by it, and your children might be one of them, I must say that if I didn’t had a bad month this year I wouldn’t be looking for this forum and ask for help, and I think that if I felt like I’ve fully recovered from my bad psychosis I would only be here to offer help and not seek it for my self, and if I didn’t find my self useful I’ll simply leave. There are a lot of people who have SZ and they are not suffering from it’s symptoms, like having good hallucinations and mystical beautiful psychosis.
On a personal level I don’t like children, I can’t stand them but I would like to have a child someday, maybe one is enough, I’m 28, I’m not married and don’t have a boyfriend, so I find it hard to achieve since I’m not interested in socialzing but only in science, research and work. But not impossible though :wink:

My sister is creative in the extreme
World class portrait artist
Me and my middle sister both schiz
I don’t like children a lot either
Husband doesn’t either, were both Aspies
Not sensible for me, I go psychotic at the first sign of stress
Couldn’t work for a living let alone raise a child

Can a person be both schizophrenic and have aspergers? I’m starting to doubt my self, I thought that my odd behavior in childhood was all caused by SZ, are u a SZ and have aspergers? Could that be possible! they have similar symptoms, could they be differentiated from each other?

I think you can have both Alex. i thought i met a guy in my therapy class once that had aspergers and SZ.

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I have twins 4 years old girls. They were 1 when I become diagnosed. I don’t have anybody in the family with metal health problems. The psychiatrist told me that they have 10% to get ill in the future.
It was hard to be on meds and look after twins- nightmare. Now they at school 5 days per week and is much easier also I’m on very low dosage of drug so I just feel the same like before taking medications.
I’m in the group of people who are sensitive to meds and on only small dosages I get all possible side effects. Psychosis is bad but meds for me are even worse.

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no kids no piles of plastic to trip over no problem 4 me.

Having kids was never really in the picture for me. I helped my mother babysit my brother’s kids + I learned a little bit about them. I’m glad for that.