How many hours do you work per day?

I would like to get a proper job one day, but I just can’t work long hours.
I don’t know whether it’s mental or physical, but I’m thinking of starting swimming just to energize myself a little.
I now train at this work training center for 2 hours per day, 3 days per week.
I need to be able to work at least 20 hours per week (4 hours per day/5 days per week) to get a proper job here in Japan where I live.
I get really tired after the 2 hours at the training center.
I don’t know what I can do to be able to work longer hours.
Any suggestions or advice?

How many hours do you work per day?
Does it get longer/shorter depending on your conditon?

Janitor. Three days a week, 8 hours a day.

Get a job that’s not too physically or mentally taxing.

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After my episode I started working two hours/week. Slowly increasing my hours. After 6 months I worked part time. About 8 hours 3 times/week. Now I work 12 hours 4 times/week. I work two days. And then get two days off. That works for me. I’m a security guard. Not stressful or very much thinking involved.

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…I guess it’s almost impossible to work full time with schizophrenia.
I don’t need to, cos I receive the disability pension.
I just want to stop living on the dole by earning the money myself.
But it is reassuring to me to know that you guys also work for the hours that’s managable to you or I’m sure some of the people on this forum aren’t working at all. I used to not be working either.
But I hope I can build this up to more days, longer hours. It will take time.

For me it depends on the season. I work as a gardener and in the summer some of the days get pretty long. In the winter I don’t work as many days.
My schedule is also really flexible.

I have 40 hours in the summer and sometimes a little O.T.

I have about 20 to 30 in winter.

I’m out in the field a lot either by myself or with just one other person and not inside and not working in a cubicle. I do have to go to a few weekly meetings in winter but in summer… I get my work order list for the day and then I load up the truck with what I need to complete the jobs… then I go do my work.

If I was 40 hours inside… in a cubicle or around people all the time… I wouldn’t make it.


I’m self-employed and run my own media business: Photographer, videographer, disc jockey, and Web design. Some freelance writing as well.

My days range from a couple of hours to up to sixteen hours depending on what I’m doing. A wedding shoot will see me packing and leaving at 7 am to photograph the bride and groom getting ready, then shadowing them all day until the first few dances at the reception. With travel, I can sometimes get home at 1 am. That’s a long day.

I am videoing a musical this weekend, so that is three nights spending four hours each in a crowded venue. I will have to spend another two hours per day packing and unpacking gear and dealing with data files. I am taking Monday off since crowds wind up my symptoms and I will be a wreck.

I will be spending eight to ten hour days over the next two weeks post-processing files from the musical, post-processing images from some family portrait shoots I did last week, working on two Web sites for clients, and writing one photography article.

I am DJing one youth dance in a couple of weeks. Those usually run six to eight hours for setup, teardown, the event itself, and travel. Those also wear me out because of the crowds. I think I have about two dances per week through December as it’s X-mas party season.

Being self-employed gives me some flexibility to reschedule or move things if I am having a bad day with symptoms, which I still do every so often.

I was diagnosed with disorganized type schizophrenia around 1994 (things are a bit hazy) so I’ve been living with this condition for about twenty years now. I turned forty-six last week. I have found that things have gotten easier over time as I have developed strategies and habits that allow me to work around my condition. I do take medication as prescribed. Currently on a low dose of Geodon, but the doctors tell me they are changing it (haven’t heard when, however).

Hope this helps.



I don’t have sz, my son has it, but I noticed from this site that several of the young men work or study full time. They are usually doing a lot of exercise too (swimming, cycling, weights or martial arts). I am going to encourage my son to start exercising again (he’s already started doing weights a little, but when he was a teenager he did all of those sports). I think that doing sport will help you mentally, socially and physically.


I work at the charity shop 2 mornings a week. I am a volunteer but I treat it like a paid job. I am unable currently to do paid work. I am hoping eventually I can get paid work. But doesn’t look like it at mo. I could manage 12 hours a week but aren’t many jobs out there with those kind hours . Here in UK I can work 16 hours or less and stay on benefits

schizophrenia is a full time job. Im alwalys working, on call all the time…trust me schizophrenia is a full time job.


I am at work for 5 hours 3 times a week. I am either studying, posting or working the whole time. I work at an office. Right after I was diagnosed I worked 35 to 40 hours a week. Work is a place for me to socialize and keep busy.

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I don’t have a job but I have a hobby programming computers. I also tend to get obsessive about things. For a while, when I was working on my game, I’d work on it sometimes for easily 16+ hours a day. After taking a long break I’ve started a new project. I don’t do it nearly as long but then I haven’t started obsessing about it yet. I work on it for a few hours a day at most.




I work between 1 hour and 12 hours , it really depends how much work there is or if people are doing the work for me

I remember a few years back I was working 5 days a week 8 hours a day engulfed in psychosis , on roofs way up high, I hated it , hearing voices screaming at me to jump all day. definitely was a test of the will

I work 12 hrs a day,six days a week,so??Nothing to be proud of

Anyway,good luck to you and your job,hope you will be happy with it :wink:

Because you don’t cover your schizophrenia with another stuff,that’s why its a full time job for you :@

I dont get what you mean? Can you enlighten me? Thatsi if you were replying to my point at all.

I work 8 hours a day , 5 days a week but thats excluding my 30 mins lunch break.

I used to do a lot of 60 hour weeks doing help desk and programming… really sucked.

Now I do a lot of caregiving for family members… still sucks somewhat but at least I get a lot more exercise and my family treats me better than my greedy employers ever did.

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