How many Forum users actual do hear voices

Just wanted to know if this unusual experience is more common now than maybe years ago, and what would the main age range be amongst new experiencers, would you be between 8-12 or 15- 25 or over 40s.
Thank you for participating within this post.

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I’m 38 and I don’t hear voices. My treatment is working as intended.

I don’t hear voices or have positive symptoms on my current meds, 5mg Risperidone.

I am 31 y.o. 15

I don’t hear voices. I have only heard environmental type sounds, except I’ve heard my name called twice in my life. Plus thinking I hear mumbled conversation from other rooms.

I don’t hear voices on or off meds.

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I’m 37 and don’t hear voices while on meds.

Yeah, I got some. Free to a good home.


I hear voices. Pretty used to them. I’m 35.

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Great responses, thank you all for participating could I ask how old some of you were when you first had these experiences.

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I was 24 when I had my first psychosis and started hearing voices.

I got diagnosed with psychosis at 21y.o. but had sz symptoms a few years before that.

I heard voices as a child but never thought about it, they gave me messages I still remember today, they weren’t helpful. I got sick at 17 and heard voices in my head moreso and had visual hallucinations, mostly in my mind’s eye. At age 22 I had an explosion of voices and hallucinations much louder than before. It lasted about a year and they went back into my head for the most part.

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Thank you for be brave enough to share your account, would it be O.K to ask did the ‘voices’ start out as playful when you were a kid and turn more insidious as you got older.
And do they or did they respond back to your self talk either internally or subliminally.

I hear voices & music…

I hear voices, even when on meds. But it’s not a bad when I’m on good meds. I’m 29 years old.

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Hello, nice to chat with you hope you are keeping well, could I ask if the music is something that has a kind of relevance to you or are they just random songs played on the radio or something like that, or are they totally new songs never recorded before.

Started when I was 23 and I was extremely ill. 53 now and my condition is fairly well managed. What I have left for voices doesn’t bother me much.

Usually 80s music from my childhood…

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THX U would the idea being to incur memories within you by using this stimulus.