How LSD changes perception

All I know is that Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones were awesome in concert when I was on LSD. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody, it’s not worth the risk.


Yeah it’s a no brainer.

The things I learned from tripping back in the day certainly helped me get through things a bit quicker.

It’s not for schizophrenics. It really leads to negative outcomes but I can see the similarity!

Well regardless, should be done in a controlled setting if you’re using it for medicinal purposes like I was. I’m not sure what it was doing, but it was helping me. That was all moot point when I had a bad trip. Set & setting they say. Well the only way you can possibly account for all factors of set & setting is by doing it under professional supervision in a room that no one can enter. Too many things can go wrong at home even when you think it can’t. Well it’s not legal yet but one day it will be. “Medical lsd & magic mushrooms”. More for the treatment of depression, anxiety, ptsd than schizophrenia or bipolar. Maybe I was depressed and anxious only before I did lsd. Well lsd actually treated that stuff but now I need meds for my psychosis.

I mean I’m not sure what came first the chicken or the egg but it’s not like it was all negative… but I know a bad trip sure did make psychosis a very very real thing for me :wink:

My testimony

I saw Joe Cocker, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and a bunch of other’s in concert but I was tripping to hard to remember too much. Also wouldn’t recommend it. I wonder often what LSD would be like now. I don’t think I would survive the trip, or at least I would never come back.

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Your meds would completely block it.

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what meds would block it? And how?

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I’m not sure how lol but lsd is pretty much the opposite of an antipsychotic. I guess you can call it a “psychotic”. Antipsychotics pretty much completely diminish the effects of hallucinogens depending on the dosage. Most of us are on high enough doses we’d feel next to nothing and see certainly nothing. Also antidepressants block hallucinogens from working as well. And if you’re on a mood stabilizer, you become high seizure risk when you take lsd. Also benzos dull a hallucinogenic trip.

Pretty much all psychiatric medicine will diminish or affect a hallucinogen trip.

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what class of drug is ketomine? I was tripping pretty hard on that when they gave it to me in the emergency room. I was hallucinating all sorts of stuff. Even the drs face melted off.

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It’s a dissociative drug. I’m not sure why meds don’t block ketamine because other dissociatives like pcp are blocked by the meds.

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wow! That is so interesting. So no point falling off the wagon then. lol. I actually would never use lsd again because I honestly don’t trust my mind anymore.

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On my med combo the substances I can do are very very limited. Probably it’s much better that way lol.

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I still have mixed feelings about the ketomine. In a way I felt better. But I think it’s a little dangerous for those with a psychotic illness. I think the er doctor was just focusing on my history of depression and didn’t realize the effects it would have on my schizophrenia. He stayed right with me for most of it and seemed concerned by my reaction. I was concerned by my reaction. I kept saying “why would you give a schizophrenic something that would make them hallucinate?” I must have asked that 20 times, I couldn’t understand his answers, too ■■■■■■ up.

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Whenever I took ketamine my chosen one belief came back full frontal. And then lasted for two days Before I stopped believing again.

Yeah I think it makes psychosis bad. I think if I was less stable thanks to meds mostly it would be very bad.

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oh ok so it’s not just me?

On the other hand it really did help my depression lol

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lol I think as they get better protocols for using it, people with psychotic disorders will be precluded.

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sorry to read this first thing in the morning

LSD experiments on humans have long history

they’re not telling you the whole story here

and might be downplaying everything.

Yeah, I’m with you. If I ever was stupid enough to take LSD right now, I’m 90% sure it would cause irreparable damage to some place in my mind.

To anyone considering taking LSD while you’re schizophrenic
I would ask: Is trying to have 8 hours of fun worth risking being seriously screwed up for the rest of your life?

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I don’t know about LSD but a really bad Mescaline trip seriously screwed me up.