fMRI Scan On Brains With LSD

The part where they say people’s ideas and the outside world become impossible to tell apart seems to be what I’m going through all the time. I was told once by an old friend that his parents thought that I appeared to be tripping on LSD. Now this video provides evidence that I may have been slipped LSD by another person. And I only know one guy who said he’s tripped on LSD and that statement makes him highly suspicious. So I hope I get better and be able to go back and walk all over his lazy ass and show off how superior I am to him.


Wow amazing. Thanks for sharing.


I think LSD mescaline and mushrooms caused my psychosis. Of course this can’t be proven but I can feel it in my gut. My psychosis is very similar to a bad lsd trip too. So maybe lsd wasn’t such a good idea after all :frowning:


A very bad trip on Mescaline triggered me into SZ land.

Can you explain what a bad trip is like? What do you experience?

A Hellish nightmare altered reality.
Similar to a psychotic break but in some ways worse.
I completely lost track of time.

I wouldn’t recommend doing Hallucinogenic drugs @Anna

Yeah really entrancing topicality here.

It’s neat to see some of the geometry of neuroscience put into a simple video like that. I learned something just from the graphics…

But yeah the brain is kind of a sensitive thing to know the true nature of… I mean if you really see how malleable the internal experience is you either fall to fear that you can’t control it (bad trip)… or you find the strength and composure to really set it all up how you want it to be… (self-actualization).

Freaks me out all day and I’m scared as hell to take any hallucinogens, even though I miss them.

I thought research with LSD was deemed illegal a while ago. It’s cool to see that they are making progress.

I know so many people who trip all the time though… not a one of them have developed schizophrenia… lucky bastards…

ooh… that is a helluva lot of activity in the patients on the drug… like a helluva lot of activity… that seems dangerous in itself…

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funny stuff there mate!

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In the Spring of 1968, I was a student at a Pennsylvania college. A bunch of us slipped down to Maryland to Spring Grove Mental Hospital, where a psychiatrist had a team of people experimenting to see if LSD could help alcoholics recover. They had good data suggesting that it did indeed. In1968!



Getting an awkward look stuck on your face and thinking that you’re walking around looking at everybody funny and not being able to wipe the look off your face.
Or feeling your soul crumble to ash inside your body and becoming soul less


The awkward look on your face was something I experienced.

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Good to see you @Jayster!

My experiences with LSD are nothing like psychosis whatsoever so these comparisons annoy me.

it’s more about mental activity and not mental experience that is similar between the effects of LSD and a person who has schizophrenia…

Some people suffer with more sz hallucinations, for them I think the serotonergic hard hitter drugs are more beneficial. Like the atypical antipsychotics. OF course this is based on my limited understandings of the cause of symptoms. I believe LSD agonizes 5ht2a, right? So the opposite would prevent hallucinations. OF course audio and visual are housed in completely different parts of the brain, perhaps they arise from completely different functional abnormalities. And don’t forget about tactile hallucinations, which are the only hallucinations I have ever certainly had, I think these are much less common.

Okay, I’ll admit it, I didn’t watch the video, I am totally disinterested in illegal drugs. Especially after getting sz, anything that could potentially get me worse is a big “no” in my mind. You can only take so much punishment at the hand of your own mind.

I had a bad trip on a hallucinogen before with audio and visual hallucinations, it was scary, I think I almost got serotonin syndrome. Tracers, everything seemed to be moving in slow mo, and sounds were distorted. I have never had a well formed hallucination where a demon just crawled up onto my computer table and sat down across my keyboard. I guess I’m just not wired for that.

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