LSD May Be Making A Medical Comeback

Never tried it but I would in some sort of controlled environemnt of course. On my own, I’d probably jump off a roof or something.

And if this happens, more people will be diagnosed with schizophrenia or another psychotic disorder - bad idea

I’ve taken LSD enough to know that if I took it now it would screw me up really bad, maybe irreversibly. It’s a powerful drug.

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And they are considering it for anxiety alone. It doesn’t mention anything about having anxiety with a co-existing diagnosis of schizophrenia and taking it. Nice picture of George Harrison though.

That is a cool pic of George - my favorite Beatle

Using LSD and MDMA to combat negative symptoms and “Cure” Sz.

I am not advocating it’s use. I don’t use anymore.

Will it work? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But at the same time, I have reached for the big E to melt my wax build-up. I have used it to burn away my negative symptoms. But there is always the crash as the end of the ride. Is the size of the crash worth the few hour trip?

It doesn’t help my sneaky brained thinking when I come across articles about how MDMA is good when treating Sz and is encouraged.

Tempting… just all too tempting for me. MDMA was my weakness and still is. But it’s an interesting conversation. I just know for me… I don’t think I could buy that ticket to ride.

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I read that article and having not taken those drugs I can’t say if there is an improvement. I think the problem is they can’t just hand out drugs to people who could take too many and end up dying very easily. Or maybe just needed them all the time. It is better to find away to exist without those drugs unless you believe you can take them forever, and furthermore had a supply that would last and not worry about going to jail if you bought them from a nark by mistake. If you are dependent on any one drug and then you can’t get it, you see the problem in that clearly. You have to learn to copy without that drug. Although I wonder if small amounts of uppers would help the depressed? The problem would be in that a little leads to a lot and too many upper make one need downers to sleep and it just spirals out of control. I hope this is of some help.

It was my understanding that if MDMA and LSD were going to be introduced, it was going to be under guidance and in clinic. None of the articles I’ve read said they were going to prescribe XTC or LSD and then just send us home to take it.

It’s the second article that sort of does me in. I have kicked E out of my diet long long ago. The very thing they found in the research was the very reason I was self medicating it in the first place. I could feel something for some one again. But it was all synthetic. I’ve read so many article on this topic about how even though the crash after is hard, the patients remember how they felt and try to emulate it.

I don’t know where I stand on this one. When I was in deep negative symptom I did remember how i felt on E. But I didn’t use that experience to go to therapy and try and emulate that connection… I got some money and scored some more.

I recently found out here in Canada a trial is happening where they are using MDMA and therapy to treat PTSD. I don’t know where I stand on it either.

It’s a hard one to figure. I remember how much I think it helped me and how much I could let my sis know that I was still human and still in here when the acid melted the wax away.

It was great being able to feel again and feel happiness again. Maybe it did help me. If this had been done in a controlled setting with some back-up therapy or something else, maybe this would be very valid. It put me back in connection with stuff I though I had long lost. So it made me think that it wasn’t gone, it was buried and with help I could unbury it. It kept me working to get back to that feeling of anything.

But I know I loved it too much. When it wore off, it was nearly suicide time. For every one new level of happy, I’d crash through two levels of sorrow when it ended so I just had to take more; more often.

Maybe clinically there would be a more controlled dose or some way to stave off the crash? But either way… I know I would have turned to the street version soon enough.

I don’t want to dismiss this idea completely. They aren’t just handing out XTC for fun and profit.

I just know what I got tangled up in and how much I still crave to this day. Very mixed ideas on this concept.

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Well, I was figuring you would have to do it alone, because I know that doctors can’t or won’t do it for you. They could lose their licensing if they do. I would not want to go sit in a clinic, is that what are referring to? Being locked up so one could have these drugs, does not seem like a good trade off at all. I actually feel I deserve to get real ADD medication, but they are very mean about give anyone anything that is slightly desirable, but they hand out stuff like Trazadone. If it makes you feel rotten, they give it to you and you can’t sell it.


It could mimic sz symptoms for the masses and thus be a tool to train folk on such things as psychosis…but at what price! It’s a powerfull drug and it is extremely problematic for the average consumer who’se brain chemisty is amiss!

Yeah it can be enlightening but it’s no fun getting into a trip where you are bugging out and you know you’ve got ten hours of hell to go…been there done that!~

Yeah it can be fun and a whole great experience but psychosis is way worse! It’s not a good investment for those who are genetically challenged! Nothing worse than a ten hour trip into your rubbish subconscious…Even Kesey said it was bunk but one suspects that he thought it was anything but but it’s the trip and that is just brain chemistry much like schizophrnenia…it’s nothing but smoke and mirrors!

A friend in the struggle,


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It’s no different from self medicating on alcohol and cigarettes…■■■■. Ciggies do wonders for schizophrenics and may increase function over symptoms but ultimately it’s that lung cancer that will punch you up the bottom!

That’s the thing with drugs…they are problematic and because they are illegal they often aren’t approached with the same scientific attention! Those condoned drugs are multi million dollar concerns and there’s some pressure there to get them through one way or another…it’s just the way the so called " free market " works…

Saying that…mdma is pretty damaging from what I’ve seen…cannabis is toxic for schizophrenics…but could help depressives from what I"ve seen anectdotely…from years on this websight I’d say…street drugs aren’t good for ■■■■…and I’ve taken quite a few but I’m schizophrenic…that makes chemicals a problematic thing!

A friend in the struggle,


rogueone, I seriously remember your name now from the old board. What I notice in general any drug that makes you feel pleasant is illegal, but if it makes you feel awful like Haldol, it not only illegal, but they insist you take it.

NO LSD FOR SCHIZOPHRENICS. I have a fair number of friends who do it and let me inform you, they act crazier than I ever did. That garbage induces psychosis, florid psychosis. It should be a schedule one drug. It can fry your brain and cause permanent psychosis in healthy people.


I have had to babysit my friends on LSD, I was like “wow, ok, youre eating your shirt, you have your shoes on your hands and you only say “the ceiling is melting.””…and they did that all ■■■■■■■ night.


There was this old theory that LSD could help patiences by causing them to view their problems in a new way, but that was for psychotherapy. In general if you are already wiggin out, LSD is the worse thing you can take.