How long will my delusion last?

it may be one of the reason, u can go check by yourself

Olanzapine 20 mg and for 3 years.

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Do you have a scientific source?
It could be because of an infection that spread from the sinus to the brain but not inflammation of the sinus. I had sinusitis at 15 y.o. and didn’t have sz. I did a surgery to fix remove sinus tissue at 15 y.o., I still got sz at 21 y.o.


there are but they are very early, established before 1930, but there could be relation of course, did ur sinusitis recovered? and there are examples of people having mental issues after failure of sinusitis surgery in china, as i found on webs. And i also had sinusitis myself as well.

This is some of the most ridiculous babbling I’ve ever heard. Sinusitis causes sz? Give me a break. Sinusitis will give you a runny nose, sneezing, and maybe post-nasal drip. It never interferes with your brain because sinuses are spread throughout the front of your face. Please stop this drivel.

maybe u shd do a check for youself before jumping to your conclusion.

I’ve flushed myself with a Neti pot. Didn’t do jack for my symptoms. Do you recommend I stick a Dremel up my nose and see what I can churn out?

well , sinus aren’t just nostril , and there are examples of changes of mental state by sinusitis.

Whatever you say jack. Keep playing with your sinuses. This is beyond weird. I’m outta this mother.

The fact that you recognize them as delusions is real progress towards stopping them. Talk to your therapist and see if they think you need med’s.

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Yes after surgery.

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