How long were your hospital stays, and when were they

It’s important to say when because the mental health system has drastically changed. In how long they keep you im saying.

I know my first hospitalization in 2010 was 2 months. The second was 15 days in 2011. Then 25 days in 2011. 15-20 days in 2012. And then after that most of them were about 1 week or less even.

Once I told a doctor I was in the hospital for two months when I was 20 and he said “oh that must have been the old days because we don’t really take people that long anymore”

But idk I might have just been so psychotic I think that they didn’t wanna let me out.


The minimum time in Romania is three weeks.

All my three hospitalizations have been for three weeks

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Longest i stayed in hospital was two weeks, it was my first time. Other than that one week


Idk… I’ve been told I need to stay at least three weeks. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was probably misinformed


7 days here, then you have to leave unless it is court ordered


I’ve had 6-12 (I don’t remember the exact number because they were in the late 80’s and early 90’s) psych hospitalizations.

Three of my hospitalizations were between 90-120 days. Each time I was feeling better after 14 days, but the hospitals had a policy that a patient could not be released into the streets.

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each time, was one week long

the first time I was admitted
they didn’t want me to leave
as I had passed out in there

and they started an IV

but I had to take my daughter
to her quarterly clinic appt.

and they let me go

I remember also that I couldn’t drive
on the meds they had me on

so my cousin took us.

I think that most of the private hospitals are three weeks max which insurance will cover, after that you pay out of your ars big time !!

Public is free so can stay forever !! But its not really nice there !

Especially not in my country !!

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Yuppers. Used to be a month or more back when I was first DXed and very ill. Last relapse I was hospitalized for I was out again in a week. That was about a decade ago.


In 2004 I overdosed and was taken to the hospital. I never told anyone I was hallucinating (because I didn’t know I was. I didn’t know they weren’t real.) They only saw erratic behavior. (Flooding the bathroom and hallway, throwing ice at the walls). I was passed between three hospitals and finally sent to a residential treatment center for bulimia/anorexia. But I ran away from there twice and they kicked me out. That period was over six months. Over six months in hospitals without being home!


:sob: I’m so sorry it’s been so rough

you seem to be doing well these days, Louise.

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I have never been hospitalized for my schizophrenia. At one time I had went off my medicine and I was supposed to go in the next day, but my Dad said I could stay at home.

2008 10 days. 2009 10 days, 2010 35 days and 2012 10 days. Intensive outpatient for several weeks to several moths afterwards. I don’t anticipate ever going back.

In 1996 i was hospitalized twice, for 2 or 3 weeks each. Then in 2006 or 2007 i was in for 3 days. Then in 2011 or 2012 i was in for a week. And then this past summer i was in for a week.

Thank you @daze!

How do you know you will never go back? I’m not doubting you. I’m seeking to learn from you. What keeps you out of the hospital?

Never been hospitalized for mental illness before but I’ve been anticipating admitting into a hospital in the last couple of weeks waiting for aps to kick in. Suicidal thoughts and extreme anxiety waiting for something to work. Not knowing true diagnosis doesn’t help.

What are your options of a diagnosis?

Medications. I am maxed out. I can also handle being suicidal on my own now. It took a while to get there.

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Personality disorder plus treatment resistant despression with psychosis. Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type or Bipolar with psychosis. Some ocd too.

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