What was your longest hospitalization?

For me was 10 weeks with 4 day gap, as they let me homr with minor psychosis and mania and then it got worse and had to finish medication therapy again.

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Probably only 35 days

Although I think I had 5 stays at least 15 days

I also had an experience I was in the hospital 15 days…got out…turned 21…ended right back in the hospital a few days later. Then I was in it for 25 days and 45 days of rehab after that.

I was so miserable once I got to the rehab. I realized I was in rehab (they lied to me. Didn’t tell me I was going to rehab)

You were in hospital for 55 years?!?!?! Why?! When did you first get admitted?

May 1981- March 1983 . Last and longest. hospital stay.

Probably one or two months.

They hand you over to mental health team and not allowed to stay longer than 7 days here, unless you are a danger or court ordered

They’re trolling, @ZmaGal


Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know @ZombieMombie

8 months. They were lucky to have me.


22 months as a teenager.

6 weeks is the longest I have stayed in hospital.

28 day’s it was long

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Mine was 4 months. :octopus::octopus::octopus:

4-6 months, psychiatrist extended it in court because I was spitting out my meds after the nurse left.

Why is this guy still here?
He’s obviously a troll.

30 days. It felt longer as I got closer to my discharge date

One and a half weeks.

4 weeks for me.

A little more than a month. I thought I was never getting out. Even quit asking. Usually it was about 10 days.

I think it was 8 days