How long were your hospital stays, and when were they

Last time I was in they kept me in a year and I still wasn’t completely stable, needed it like.

Least has been 7 weeks.

15 days november two years ago

9 days november one year ago

The ones before those usually only lasted a few days and were nearby. For some reason they started driving me like 2 hours south to central Virginia to a place called Poplar Springs which is awful. I never want to go back there again. While I was there I was given a depot shot and then a demon in my head put me on trial for my immortal soul my entire stay there. When I got home, the “demon” stopped.

im having a hard time recalling dates. I got involuntarily committed twice in my hometown after being picked up by police. those were both 30 day holds with the most recent being 2 years ago feb. 2017. I did 30 days in virginia sometime during the trump Hillary election cycle. I got to go to court for that to see if I would be let out early, but they kept me in the hospital. also involuntary. and lastly my first hospitalization was like 90 days. I can’t remember the year exactly, I know the bengals choked against the steelers while I was in the hospital, but I would have to look it up.

all my hospitalizations have been the same, picked up by police, involuntarily commited. charges dropped. I used to get picked up hiking on the roads… I don’t do that anymore so haven’t been committed in 2 years. I wouldn’t mind staying somewhere longer term, I don’t like the stresses of life. kind of escapist I guess.


The last time in 2008 I was in for a month. The other 3 or 4 times I don’t remember well, but I generally was in less than a week.

Mine were all involuntary too, my mom called someone. The stupidest one was the recent one was “involuntary” simply because I tried to exit the hospital after I realized my mom was trying to commit me. Due to my attempt to casually head for the door, I was placed in handcuffs and it was a TDO. I didn’t understand at the time what I had done wrong.

Schizophrenia sucks.

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My first psyche ward I was in a week in 1980 when I was 19. I still remember a lot that happened while I was in there.

Then I was in the county hospital for just one day. What happened was that I was wandering around at night by myself and then I ended up going into the hospital lobby to sleep. My memory is kind of fuzzy on the circumstances but someone called my parents and I ended up in their psyche ward. It was the worst hospital I was ever in. Those people in there were severely ill and very dangerous. My parents came in the morning to see me. They took one look at the ward and the people in it and they did everything they could to get me out if there pronto.

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I was hospitalized regularly between 1993 and 2014. My shortest was 3 days, and my longest was one month. Now that I go to county mental health care I don’t get hospitalized. They don’t put you in hospital just for psychosis.

I did 4 months earlier this year. :tiger::tiger::tiger:

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@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter I’m sorry you had to be there so long! And it must have been so hard on you thinking everything was real. Sorry.

What’s a tdo? 15151551

Temporary Detainment Order is what it stands for in Virginia

It basically just means the cops brought you in for whatever reason.

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I was in for 3 weeks voluntarily in June 2017.
In March 2018 I was involuntarily sectioned for 11 weeks on a section 2 then section 3. I was angry I was kept for so long the 2nd time but after I was released I realized it was necessary.

I was in a private hospital for three weeks in Sept - Oct 1993. I was 22.

Then I spent two weeks doing an inpatient program through my local community services board. This was in October 2014 when I was 43.

if i remember correctly mine were: 2 weeks, 4 months, 1 month, 1 month but that was just cause i stayed in my room so they assumed i was anti-social

Thank you @CoCo. I was 19 then. I definitely lost some years.

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