How long I have to stop medicine is safe before get pregnancy?


how long I have to stop medicine is safe before get pregnancy?


Depends on the medicine. I was on haldol throughout my pregnancy and am still on it while breastfeeding.


the baby is fine, right?


Yep. She’s great. Active and smart and funny and super sweet.


congratulations!MY doctor suggest me to stop Abilify half year before I get pregnant. I feel it is too long for me without medicine.


If you’re up for trying haldol I’ve had a lot of success with it and it’s safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


@Spiderpig was on something different. Don’t remember what.


I really like Haldol too, It really nips the symptoms in the buds.


If you feel six months without medication is too long, then stopping meds to become pregnant probably isn’t a good idea for you. Studies have shown that in some cases, the stress of going without medication for your pregnancy is worse on the baby than staying on a low dose. It all depends on the person. Hang on, I will go find that study.



All i know is my pdoc tells me every time i see her if im going to get pregnant than go to her to get off my depakote IMMEDIATELY… turns out it can cause a sever from the spine of the child to its brain…


so your suggestion to me is on low dosages, right?


I suggest talking more with your doctor if you’re uncomfortable with giving up your medication.


I was on 5mg of olanzapine (zyprexa) I still had voices but it curbed it slightly. I’m now on 12.5mg and not breastfeeding as you can’t with olanzapine


I’ve only had a few chats with the pdoc but I’m probably going to stay on whatever, or switch to whatever, is safe during pregnancy. And then not breastfeed. Millions of babies have turned out perfectly fine without breastfeeding. But my time for that is at least a year away if not 5-6 years down the line due to this stupid C. Maybe I’ll be off meds by then or something new will come along and be better for everyone.


::whispers:: lumetaperone…


No one here is able to give you qualified medical advice as we are not your doctor. Talk to your pdoc about alternate medication if you feel that you cannot go without your meds but still want to get pregnant. Going without medication can be very dangerous, perhaps just as dangerous to your baby. There are options, as the members here have mentioned. Perhaps make a list of the meds that members here have suggested and bring them with you to your next visit with your pdoc to discuss as possibilities. Also, here is an article that suggests olanzapine, risperidone, and quetiapine did not pose as high of risks for pregnant women and their babies as other atypical antipsychotics. Maybe you could print it out and bring it in to your doctor.


what is lumetaperone?

I don’t follow the threads about meds that aren’t available yet. It seems stupid to get excited about a rx if it doesn’t pan out.


Yeah that makes sense. Without derailing this thread, I will say it’s a new medication scheduled to be released next year that so far has very few side effects.


I read somewhere that breastfeeding feeds the baby antibodies to fight off sickness in their entire life…something like that…