How long does it take for olanzipine injection to work?

I had it about one and a half to two weeks ago. Nothing really so far. Only less intrusive violent thoughts. I want the two other voices gone they are cruel.jacks okay hes my real father in the real reality.


U can add other ap too…

hang in there.

From your posts I’d say your pretty psychotic. I’m no doctor but you seem stressed! Relax…take the pills and you’ll be better for sure!


Thank you. The nurse just gave me a shoulder message. Im calm now. But still i have plans to remove the hands tonight fingers crossed. Ive been so violated by the police. I am angry at the police. No one will go there with me or ring them and demand my hands back. They all say theyre trying to help me then why not do that.

You ever met a cop?

They are way too busy to worry bout you .

Please don’t do anything to harm yourself! It’s early days in your journey and most of us have been floridly psychotic.

We all are glad we didnt’ do what we wanted!

It takes time…Take your meds and think rationally. It’s not your hands that are the problem and I’ve never met you…that says something!

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I have been brought in by the police many of times.the other night i escaped from the hospital and went to the department store. I didnt have any money the hospital had it so i started to cut the hand off tbere.when the police arrived i was hysterical and the policeman told me he will find my hands at the station.

Its not hurting myself when its not my hands.

fair cop…you won’t find any others…one thinks that your obsessionally thinking about something. It is your hands. I can’t say anything to persuade you but I’ve been pretty focked up and considered doing some serious surgery to my body and I’m focking glad I didn’t!

Please. Play the game…that obsession will hopefully pass. You can’t do shite with any hands but your own even though your delusions say otherwise!

I never had any problem with the Haldol injection working fast enough. Maybe it would work better if you increased your dose.

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Thanks for your input @rogueone i hope things are well for you.


I’m going on olanzapine injection soon. How often do you get injected? Every 2 weeks or every 4weeks?

And do they inject it in the butt or arm.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You should feel the sedative effect from the Olanzapine injection quite quickly. To treat the symptoms of schizophrenia it can take months.
I have been on 9 antipsychotics and they have only helped me with the positive symptoms.

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First time 2 weeks then not sure and its in ya bum :frowning::frowning:


Thanks @princess. :slight_smile:

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I got told they can do it in your shoulder, but normally in the arse!

It doesnt really hurt in the butt. I rdckon it hurts more in arm.